Steam numbers


95 for me.

Want to know the interesting thing though? 60% of the games in my Favorites category (19/33) are scheduled for update - way way way higher than the general percentage across the entire catalogue, which would stand at around 14% (95/700).

Weird, I wonder what’s up.


Yeah, same sort of thing here. I am not running any of these games till I hear what the hell happened.


Do you have 95 games installed on your computer? Jeez, I usually have 5-6.


It’s a dedicated gaming machine with biggish hard drives. Disk space and bandwidth (updates) is not really an issue, so they just tend to stay installed. And while bandwidth is not an issue, speed is, so if I ever take a fancy to playing something in my catalogue, waiting for it to download again is a pain in the ass.


I have the same setup - I have 103 games installed currently. I also enjoy following certain Early Access games and their progress, and the easiest way to do so, is to watch whatever updates on my machine.


So basically, if I want to play any games on Steam tonight / the next week until they fix it, I should disconnect my PC from the internet and force it to launch in Offline mode to avoid this clustercuss? I may have nearly as many games as sharaleo installed.


Yeah, some people seem to think the 0/0 file update is deleting files which then need to be re-downloaded once you restart the Steam client at 300-400Mb per title. Directx/vcredist files in each game directory or some such. May well be worth disabling downloads until Valve releases a statement or something. It’s pretty weird.


I have 216 installed, 17 in favourites, but haven’t seen any unusual update activity. Yet. Maybe I need to restart Steam.


Its not something to be envied ;-)


Unfortunately that doesn’t stop Steam from flagging games that require updates, and often Steam will prevent you from launching the game. For example, I cannot launch The Talos Principle now (that’s a genuine update though). Still, I’m not going to risk going online just yet. I’ll try to make my Chaos Reborn move using the GOG version. Insert whatever appropriate online requirement rant here you think is warranted.


I restarted Steam on my laptop (because I can access an unlimited bandwidth connection if I need to) and… well, nothing. Ok, Underrail updated a reported hotfix, but nothing else. I have 172 games installed on my laptop’s Steam account.

Sorry, 172 is including streamed games from my desktop, so probably closer to 100.


Half Life 3 confirmed.



From the forum, by a user, not a Valve employee:

[LEFT]Cablenexus 10 hours ago

UPDATES are redists files for Dotnet/Directx/vcredist etc.
Because of total lack of moderator and/or Steam cmmunication I decide to create another topic.

The first time you login to Steam today you see a certain amount of your games have updates scheduled. Those updates are 0 KB and just marks your Directx/vcredist and Dotnet folder in the _CommonRedist folder of your games to delete.

After restarting Steam you can see the same games downloading updates (100 till 300 MB). If you right click the game in your list and go to the “show local files” button you can inspect the folder and what exactly is downloaded today.

There you will see a folder named _CommonRedist and inside the folder you see some other folders names Directx, Dotnet or vcredist. Inside those folders you see that those files are updated 04/14/2016.

I’m not an expert and I cannot guarantuee those files are totally harmless but I think it’s just a massive update/clean up for all Microsoft related redist files.
Maybe it has something to do with the big security update rolled out by MS today.

At least I did a system scan with AVG and 100% of my files are clean. I did not experience any issues or deleted games from my library.


Yeah, I’ve seen a suggestion on the Reddit thread about this that it might be to do with them incorporating the common redistributables into the client, rather than having each individual game install them.


Its amazing to me, that Steam, with accounts numbers so high, that this kind of thing is bound to have a MASSIVE effect on the data being downloaded worldwide , hasnt had a single thing to say about it.


It would be amazing if it weren’t Steam/Valve.


It’s amazing that an evening update hasn’t been officially commented on by 7:00 (now 7:30) local time the next morning?


How many days did it take for them to comment on the bizarre account-swapping data integrity thing from the last sale? This is nothing compared to that.


That was Christmas Day, to be fair*.

*By which I don’t mean to excuse them at all. But it makes sense that it would take longer than this, which is an ordinary weekday.


That would be fantastic.

A couple of weeks ago I was playing Grim Dawn when the game suddenly locked up. I couldn’t ALT-TAB back to Windows, access the Steam client, or even get CTRL-ALT-DEL to bring up the Task Manager. I had to hard reboot. Afterwards, when I restarted Steam, it informed me that it had an update to install to the Steam client, and proceeded to lock up in the middle of said update. From that point on Steam would just lock up on a supposed client update over and over again. To finally fix it I had to uninstall the dozen or so “Microsoft C++ Redistributable” installs from my Windows 7 AND clean out the downloads/updates folder from Steam, restart everything, and then Steam actually downloaded a decent amount of data (repopulating it’s updates directory) and applied fixes, after which everything seemed to run OK again.

Of course each time I started up one of my dozen or so installed game, Steam installed another Microsoft C++ Redistributable to my machine again. If they could seriously fix it so that we only need one common all-encompassing redistributable installed it would be AWESOME.