Steam numbers


I went ahead and put Steam into online mode on my desktop. Nothing to update. Perhaps I got lucky.


I’ve seen a few reports on Reddit and the Steam forum of people saying that they have recovered disk space. 1 or 2 GB. So, maybe?


From some of the info i’ve heard, this is what is happening. Some devs were complaining about improperly running games due to redistributables not being installed. For example, the language i’m now using requires a certain C++ redistributable to be installed for new programs (as of this version) to work, and Valve is responding to dev requests to make things like this easier. The cost of automation, it appears.


Looks like there was a short spike around 6PM Pacific time yesterday, but nothing super massive or anything:


Oh, so it’s related to what it happened to me yesterday when I finished downloading Battleborn. Usually the the VC and DX redist are silent and automatic, but this time the UAC jumped and after pressing yes, the installers appeared and had to go through it by hand. All very silly, I had all updated of course.


So, still no word from Valve on this?


More games added every year, yet people are buying less games and they are cheaper than ever before.


I see. His predicted “indiepocalypse” is still coming.


You know what key resellers are doing for me? Filtering out the endless shovelware that makes the Steam Store an embarrassment.

Look at this list. Note how those are titles you might actually think about buying.

Fistbump self for minor triumph in eternal struggle against entropy.


Summer sale dates leak? June 23 until July 4


I was looking at how much has sold Doom on Steam (and also the possible influence of Denuvo on sales), and I was wondering about the general health on the platform. For that, in a very arbitrary way, I looked at what games released on 2016 has sold 100K units or more with at least a price of $35 or more. That way we can look at the core games. The results:

XCOM 2 788,391
Tom Clancy’s The Division 767,552
Rise of the Tomb Raider 737,502
Total War: WARHAMMER 523,228
DOOM 504,504
Hitman 199,929
Street Fighter V 159,611
Far Cry Primal 156,289
Battleborn 117,934
NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Ultimate Ninja STORM 4 105,250
Stellaris 409,975
Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 134,997
Offworld Trading Company 116,726
The Witness 107,515

it’s curious how the best selling game is a traditionally console game, Dark Souls.


What methodology do you use to achieve a valid conclusion about Denuvo and sales? I am certain that the vast majority of buyers (>85%) would not have any idea what DRM is used or care.

On a related note; do you think Far Cry Primal sold so low because of Uplay or because it’s setting is hated by most potential customers when compared to the previous and more traditional iterations? If the current FarCry would have had a typical setting, I would have pre-ordered it. They had to go crazy and try fancy epochs? Fuck 'em! The game’s “director” surely sucked some French dick to get Primal approved. I’m 100% convinced.


How do you know the Hitman that sold 200k copies is the $60 edition vs the $15 intro pack?


Methodology? Valid conclusions? Lol. Absolutely anything at all.

I agree that the vast majority of buyers won’t have any idea of what DRM is used. But not the vast majority of players. Pirate players are very affected by Denuvo!

The only game where I only thought of maybe doing a comparison is Tomb Raider 2013 vs Rise of Tomb Raider. Same kind of game, same kind of reception, one without Denuvo and the other with Denuvo.


oh. You got me. I didn’t think of that. It can be anywhere from $15, $25, $35 or $60.


reddit and 4chan are thataway, friend.


What the hell?


I uhh… well… crassness aside we must run in different circles. Most of the response I heard was interested in what could be done with Far Cry in a prehistoric setting.


Um, yeah I am totally burned out on the Far Cry Formula ™and was only interested in this game BECAUSE it was a new setting.


Yeah, the sales figures clearly agree. /not

A regular version would had had 800K+ sales.

Hopefully a lesson learned. Who cares though. Not me. I’m about done with UbiSoft anyway. The next FarCry and all beyond, will be too cloudy for me. Ubisoft is turning all SP games into MMO “experiences”, a la The Division.