Steam numbers


If I block VR, because I don’t own a set, does that block EVERY use of the tag, e.g. even in games like Project CARS, or just games where it’s the first tag? (It’d be nice if there was a very only tag. Steam clearly know which games are vr only as those pages have giant orange boxes telling me it’s vr only)


Usually, tags are tags, there is no “order” in them, or priorities, so I doubt it differentiates between the “first” tag and the rest.


this guy owns almost every game on steam:


Steam sale was a success.


I ended up with more games I probably won’t play, so yeah, a success indeed.


Part of me is happy that the result in the format change is the clawing back of heavy discounts - more in dev pockets is a good thing.

It’s not the short-sighted consumer part of me though…


The big winners of the Steam Summer Sale according to unit sales data.

  1. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
  2. Age of Empires II HD Edition
  3. Garry’s Mod
  4. Dead By Daylight
  5. Left 4 Dead 2
  6. Doom
  7. Rocket League
  8. Grand Theft Auto V
  9. Civilization V
  10. The Witcher 3

Payday 2 and LIMBO also had huge “sales” but the data is skewed because Payday 2 had a free weekend and LIMBO was literally free to own for a day during the period.


Nice position for Age of Empire 2 HD.
Maybe MS will do someday an AoE4? Nice to dream, I guess.


The good news is that AoE3 still looks pretty nice. The only improvements it needs are some resolution stuff is janky, and Steamworks could be used for MP.

AoE4 though? Windows 10 Store only. F2P. Cross-play with mobile.


Wow, that’s pretty bloody amazing, great to see too.


Exactly, AoE2 HD has sold 3.5 million units. That has to be the most successful “HD remaster” that we had in pc in the last years, and until Blizzard does a Diablo 2 or Starcraft 1 HD remaster, surely it won’t be beaten.


Steamspy owner comments on the last sale

Overall, 1,592 games managed to sell over 5,000 copies — it’s a 50% increase over the last year’s number (1,050).That
constitutes 22% out of 7,156 individual games that were discounted this
time — not a big difference compared to 24% of last year.

These 1,592 games moved 36.8 million copies!Last year this number was 33 millions, a 12% growth!

This year Steam Summer Sale generated $223.2M in revenue.That’s huge! In 2015 Steam Summer Sale netted developers $160M, so this year saw a 40% increase regarding estimated revenue!

The removal of daily and flash deals also made developers more cautious with their discounts. An average discount this year was 50%, instead of the 66.67% from last year.

An average discount was 50% and less discounted titles seem to have brought more revenue.


At least he mentions the user base growth of 26% though he immediately discounts it as insignificant.

Meanwhile in the anecdotal category, I think it’s reasonable to believe that sale revenue growth is super-linear with user base growth. That is to say for example that a 26% growth in users will result in a larger than 26% growth in revenue due to sales. This, I believe, is due how sale information is shared among users/friends/etc.

I’m certainly not calling BS on his numbers – they’re valid. I just don’t think his conclusion is necessarily as strong as he states given that the difference between the 40% revenue growth and the 26% user growth is awfully close once you consider error and other factors.


My memory maybe… not as great but last year didn’t have flash sales either right? I


I thought the same, along the line “I could swear past Steam sales already didn’t have flash sales…”

I think the Halloween and the Christmas sales didn’t have flash sales, but the Summer sales (the ones 1 year ago exactly) had.


Right - The last Winter Sale didn’t have them, but the last Summer Sale would have. Don’t remember about the Thanksgiving thing.


The Thanksgiving sale followed the same no-flash sale approach that the Winter sale did three weeks later.


I guess I’ve lost track of which ones did and didn’t. I guess I think you’d have to adjust out new comers or do some sort of per user comparison and then do a comparison to a year that had the flash sales to really analyze the change.


Do we have another general STEAM chat thread?

I’ll just mention it here, since I can’t find any other thread that seems to fit.

I saw over on GAF that screenshot storage space on STEAM has been increased to 20gig. I ran out of space back in March, and have been doing a bit of cleaning to make space, but overall just ended up taking less screenshots. Glad that Valve bumped up the storage space.


It never even occurred to me that space might be limited.

Then again, I never play anything worth screenshotting, and if I do, I never do anything worth screenshotting in it.