Steam numbers


End of the year is nigh, I thought a comparison with some of the most popular games of 2016 would be interesting.

Obviously the numbers can’t be compared 1:1 as they have been in the market different amounts of time, with different offers, etc.
Excluded non-Steam games, but we know Overwatch had to sell near several million units on pc. (20M in total)

PC Exclusive games:
Civilization 6 Owners: 1,363,057 ± 30,502
Xcom 2 Owners: 1,076,815 ± 27,121 (not exclusive, but console port came late enough to not matter)
Total War: Warhammer Owners: 979,428 ± 25,869
Stellaris Owners: 684,577 ± 21,636
Planet Coaster Owners: 332,514 ± 15,086
Shadow Warrior 2 Owners: 179,350 ± 11,082
Tyranny Owners: 108,506 ± 8,620


Doom Owners: 1,392,829 ± 30,832
The Division Owners: 931,362 ± 25,228 (*not including Uplay version)
No Man’s Sky Owners: 820,524 ± 23,683
Deus Ex: MD Owners: 429,004 ± 17,134
Hitman (2016) Owners: 407,124 ± 16,692
Dishonored 2 Owners: 333,232 ± 15,103
Battleborn Owners: 304,536 ± 14,438
Call of Duty: IW Owners: 255,932 ± 13,237
The Witness Owners: 156,213 ± 10,343
Watch Dogs 2 Owners: 147,605 ± 10,054 (*not including Uplay version)
Batman - The Telltale Series 95,414 ±8,084

Heroes & Generals Owners: 12,908,686 ± 92,360
Paladins 5,979,874 ± 63,480
Fractured Space 2,111,662 ±37,926
Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 myClub 1,879,404 ±35,791
Tree of Savior (English Ver.) 1,727,854 ±34,325
Knight Online 1,530,928 ±32,318
Rider of Icarus 1,504,922 ±32,044
Sven Co-op 1,432,106 ±31,262
Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex - First Assault Online 1,258,317 ±29,311
Orcs Must Die! Unchained 1,219,218 ±28,853
The Way of Life 1,141,201 ±27,918 The Game 1,098,516 ±27,392


Heroes and Generals is a beast. 12 million people have tried it, and it clocks about 5K players at any time.

I’d love to know how much money it’s actually making, or at least how many of the 12 million converted to regular players.


Well, from almost 13 million players only 8.7 millions have actually played the game once:
Players total: 8,764,456 ± 76,552 (67.9%)

From that amount, only 500K played recently:
Players in the last 2 weeks: 497,874 ± 18,456 (3.86%)

In total, this is the average and mean playtime:
Playtime total: 11:31 (average) 00:49 (median) (hh:mm)


XCom 2 isn’t just PC.


Read the note :P


I’d include Rise of the Tomb Raider there, even if the XBox release was in 2015.

Rise of the Tomb Raider: 1,186,398 ± 28,464

A few other notables:

Stardew Valley: 1,879,942 ±35,796
Dark Souls III: 1,230,159 ±28,982
Grim Dawn: 758,828 ±22,777
Factorio: 666,463 ±21,349
Firewatch: 482,630 ±18,172
Hearts of Iron IV: 391,879 ±16,376
Mafia 3: 390,265 ±16,343
Far Cry Primal: 265,975 ±13,494
Street Fighter V: 219,165 ±12,250

And if you really want to lose your will to live:

Football Manager 2017: 423,086 ±17,015


Thanks, it’s true I had forgotten some important ones, like DS3 and games that went ‘viral’ like Stardew. And Firewatch dit it great for that type of game.

Damn, I didn’t know Rise has sold already close to 1.2 millions.


Edit: Oh, there was already a dedicated thread for this: Top 100 Steam Games of 2016 (by revenue)

Steam’s official “top 100 sellers of 2016” list, including f2p games and probably DLC. Is this a new thing? I don’t remember Valve doing one of these in earlier years.

Note that it does not look like a fully ordered list. It’s segmented to platinum/gold/silver/bronze, and unordered within each segment. Rocket League in top 12 for 2016 is just crazy.

Hitman all the way down in Bronze is a shame. It was always hard to tell how well it was doing just from the Steam Spy numbers, since the base game is so cheap and Steam Spy doesn’t show DLC numbers. Guess a lot of people didn’t get the extra episodes.


In 2016 there were 5,245 new games released on Steam — the biggest year yet for new releases. Yet, the overall sales and revenue from paid titles were roughly the same as the last year.

Overall paid Steam market size comes up at whopping $3.5B!
It’s not the overall volume of sales through Steam, of course, as there are many ways to obtain a game on Steam. But it is the size of the market of paid games that Valve controls.
And, while the actual sales of paid games on Steam are lower than indicated here, please remember, that this number doesn’t include DLC sales or free-to-play revenue.
While $3.5B is a lot of money, you can notice, that this is not a big change compared to 2015 when I estimated the same market at the same $3.5B.
The reason for this is fairly simple. While Steam indeed got way more new games compared to 2015, the amount of truly big titles released this time around was lower. The combination of GTA V, Fallout 4 and The Witcher 3 is hard to beat.
Besides, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare performed way worse than Black Ops III, and two other biggest shooters of the year (Overwatch and Battlefield 1) aren’t on Steam at all.


Garry’s Mod.

What’s weird about that is it doesn’t seem to have much of a YouTube presence either (?). That has to be the most unlikely successful game ever. Have there been any articles written about it?


There’s these but they are from 2012…


HUGE youtube presence for Gmod, but they are modded servers, you need to search for the popular Gmod mods.

Trouble in Terrorist Town, Prop Hunt, Gmod Murder, building contests, etc. Quite big on youtube actually.


Huh, I guess I’m out of it (need to search gmod). Is this popular with like pre-teens? It seems to have seems basically no games media presence at all.

Ok I see Yogscast is doing more gmod than Minecraft now. I’m never going to get over Garry’s Mod as a thing though!


Which version of Gary’s Mod allowed you to build some fortifications and then spawn waves of mobs to attack you? I enjoyed the crap out of that.


A game that started as a HL mod like 17 years ago still rakes in that much money. Valve must have giant piles of money in their offices for employees to just randomly dive into for fun…


That linked site has a painful layout. What does it gain from making me scroll and scroll?


@Jason_Becker , sorta like Scrooge McDuck’s money bin. :)


SteamSpy has some data now for 2016.


It’s déjà vu all over again!


Oh, that’s dumb - I got the link from Polygon that posted the article just 5 hours ago (at the time it was just minutes so I assumed it was hot off the presses), but now I look around I see other news outlets were talking about this way earlier. I should have looked up!