Steam numbers


Steam’s revenue-based top lists are up. In addition to the annual list, they now also have another one grouped by month of release:

Remember that the order within each category is randomized on each page load.

The top tier is really surprising to me. Witcher 3 is still selling that well? I’d thought Divinity Original Sin 2 was a far more niche title than that. And Rainbox Six Siege, wtf?! I’d heard the scuttlebutt about Ubisoft “supporting it well” and “rescuing it after a disastrous launch”. But I had no idea they meant that a game released in 2015 was one of the top 12 most successful games on Steam in 2017.


It is dumb Nier Automata isn’t on sale, I dunno what they are thinking.

Sold over a million copies , its mainstream. :)

Yeah talk about a game that went from meh to loved by many and supported with seasons of content. Crazy!


I think the real question is “what the hell is doing Skyrim there”.


Or… “Wallpaper Engine” in the same category as ‘Grim Dawn’ and ‘Dying Light’ :-X

Good to see Warframe on top though, even if they did have to share it with CS.