Steam problems after Feb7-ish update?

The Steam store (or ANY of Steam’s embedded webpages for that matter including the one with the release notes after a client update needs to restart after having downloaded the update files) panel does not work at ALL after the last update–it’s stuck at a white screen and hourglass cursor.

No firewall, no spyware.

Deleting clientregistry.blob and/or uninstalling/reinstalling Steam do not work to fix this. Couldn’t post on Steam forums so I thought I’d check with fellow QT3ers. Anyone else having issues after the last update?

I got this from Steam support:

Please exit from Steam, and then delete the following files from your Steam directory.

C:\Program Files\Steam\Steam.dll
C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamUI.dll
C:\Program Files\Steam\ClientRegistry.Blob

So try deleting those other two files. That said, Steam is a pile of steaming #$#%&. It’s slow and ugly. Valve should buy stardock central instead.

Are you having this same problem though?
I uninstalled/reinstalled it though so I’d imagine that I’d already covered these 3 files. Wonder if Chet has any suggestions…?

That was retarded. Had to delete clientregistry.blob /reinstall 3 times.

Stardock doesn’t have this BS. A few updates ago Steam stalled on updating, was stuck in the progress bar until I deleted that same file.

It’s fixed for me now. I did a clean Windows install because of other problems I had. But even when Steam is working, it seems it doesn’t.

Just for the sake of balance, I have never had a problem with Steam, including in the last couple of days…

Works fine for me…

Did you install IE7? My IE7 will not start normally sometimes, this will have an impact on steam.

So? It works fine for lots of people. And it’s working not so fine for others.

IE7 fubared one of my Steam installs too. I can’t run offline without CTDs and that awesome datacache.dll error. I don’t know whether to be annoyed with Valve or MS on that one, though. Generally, Steam has worked fine for me.