Steam reviewers worst or most perplexing "reviews"


Rimworld review:

good game, but you will eventually get bored with it. Competitive co-op would add much fun to it, but…nope, not gonna happen.

So this person bought the game knowing there’s no competitive co-op, liked it, but is mad the developer won’t add a mode he knew would never be introduced. So he gives it a negative review. People are insane.


“Gamers” are entitled brats. We know this.

Edit: calmed it down a bit.


I’d focus on this. This kind of a game is clearly not for the reviewer.;they got bored with it. They assume if there was some sort of MP they wouldn’t have gotten bored with it. Benefit of the doubt… maybe?


[quote=“Nesrie, post:23, topic:128522, full:true”]I’d focus on this. This kind of a game is clearly not for the reviewer.;they got bored with it. They assume if there was some sort of MP they wouldn’t have gotten bored with it. Benefit of the doubt… maybe?

I don’t know about you all, but I eventually get bored with all good games. Even my most loved games in gaming history are not being actively played right now because I got bored with them (although I might revisit for the fifth time later). I think there’s a group of younger gamers who want every game they buy to offer 1000 hours of unbridled entertainment for $5 or less, otherwise they will leave a negative review.

For that reason, I would like to filter steam reviews by age as well, and only get those closer to my demographic.


Yep, had a few of those. In one case, the game was 99 cents (!) and he left a bad review because he only had fun for a few hours. Umm, you were expecting a 100 hour game for 99 cents, were you? I pointed out his faulty logic of course, and had people telling me I “should just accept the feedback”. Ya know what, when I buy a game for under a buck, I don’t expect a 30-hour epic or I leave a negative review. Entitled nonsense.


What next sex? By race? I think that’s a slippery slope we don’t want to go on.

I remember arguing that I didn’t think 60 dollars was a fair price for a game that gave me ten hours of play. I said it ten years ago and expect to still say it ten years from now. It’s a value judgment that doesn’t have anything to do with age.

No matter how you dice the reviewing public, there will people you don’t agree with. A pursuit of the perfect review system is a futile one.


Well, yeah, $60 is definitely not a fair price for $10. :)


heh 10 hours


Age is not a controversial attribute to discriminate upon, all (?) western societies does it on restrictions of voting rights, consumption, mandatory education, and so on. 14 year old reviewers who have extreme price sensitivity and still developing brains are perfectly entitled to write a review complaining about things that are irrelevant to me, and I imagine they will be very useful to other 14 year olds. I would just like to get quicker access to more personally helpful reviews.

What would sex or race have anything to do with game reviews? I don’t even know why you would mention it.


My whole take on it:


I’d rather read the enlightening opinion of a 14yo with a developing brain without being aware of his age to discriminate him, than some rambling from the decaying brain of some old fart whom I’ll know he shares my age. But whatever.


Hey now!


Not denying my condition, that’s all!


You guys reminded me to leave a bunch of positive reviews on games I actually liked. ;)


The discretionary spending of teenagers is what malls used to rely on. Age is absolutely a controversial attribute. We have laws against discrimination against it even. And what you’re really saying is I want to see more reviews by people like me and not those other people. When you start demanding to only get opinions and reviews by people like you, we wind up in sex and race territory very easily.


Minor point but it is perfectly legal to discriminate against someone for being young. You can even advertise that you wont consider anyone under the age of your choosing.

Although to get us back on topic I have found teen and younger gamers reviews and general online behaviour actually better than their older counterparts.


What I am really saying is that I want to read game reviews written by adults. Just as I want my political journalism to be written by adults, just as I want my music composed by adults, and just as I want any future open heart surgery performed by adults. I have no issue with kid newspapers, kid music, and kid backalley operating theatres existing, I am sure some kids are more insightful and eloquent than myself as well, but from my experience these talented enlightened children are not the ones writing the steam game reviews that I have read so I just thought a 18+ filter button would be useful.

Maybe that’s a bad idea, but at the very least I am pretty sure it’s not the slippery slope to the racism and sexism that you’re worried about (maybe start a thread on why that’s true in P&R and I promise I will read it).


If you didn’t want to talk about various ways to carve out undesirables from steam reviews, we wouldn’t be talking about it. You think the voice of young people is somehow less important and less relevant than yours. This is about Steam reviews, and I disagree with you for the reason I’ve told you about. Feel free to dislike certain reviews, but unless you have aggregate data that allows you to make informed decisions about all the reviews you dislike being under a certain age, AND they are somehow less valid opinions than yours, I am going to challenge you on that assumption and point out the dangerous of what waters you’re treading… and there is nothing PR about that. It fits right in with this topic and was an area you brought up.


Most of us aren’t going to have the same tastes as a 14 year old. I don’t see why it’s an issue that Tim wants to see reviews that are actually going to be relevant to his purchasing decision. Not like there’s a reasonable way for Valve to enforce this anyway; everyone will just lie about their age.


And why would you think I would have the same tastes as a 60 year old man, or even 50 for that matter… or maybe, just maybe I just like games and it has nothing to do with age, sex or race? I understand this is Qt3, but there are more than just middle-aged white men here. You think we can improve the gaming community by getting tools that allows us to carve it into pieces for the sole purpose of dismissing entire groups of it?