Steam reviewers worst or most perplexing "reviews"


I never mentioned gender, nor did I say you specifically will have the same tastes as people in those age groups. If you don’t want to use those hypothetical filters, then don’t.

Curators already exist and can be used to roughly do this anyway.


I’ll be sure to ask your age the next time you voice an opinion about anything, so I can decide to dismiss it based on that alone and nothing else. I just think that’s a terrible, awful and really jaded way to view a hobby that doesn’t have a limit on age, sex, gender, borders, physical ability or really income level. But boy will we find out a way to make a limit if can because tools let us.


My take, not that you asked of course, is the amount of outrage your posts exhibit in this discussion are out of proportion to the topic.

Talking in a forum about about possible ways to throw a filter on steam reviews you want to look at hardly constitutes some form of rampant discrimination that’s a harbinger of the end of civilization as we know it.


Are you 14?

I mean seriously, some of these games are made by people in their twenties, so while they were learning and possibly creating something we all get to enjoy, others are just trying to figure out how to weed them out of discussion not based on the content of their reviews but based on what they are… You bet I take issue with that. But I guess before I take your concern into consideration I should find out if you meet threshold right?


We have a winner, Nesrie and outrage isn’t unusual in many topics they post in.


I love being able to filter data by whatever criteria I choose. The more granularity, the better. And yes, it is entirely reasonable to prune the forest of information, particularly when you want to make an informed purchasing decision based on your tastes and the lifelong experience you’ve gathered on what generally aligns with them. In some areas of entertainment, age is a significant factor for obvious reasons.


While I won’t agree necessarily a young teen’s opinion is less than my own, I will say I’d like to filter such an opinion out as a young teen is going to generally have vastly different tastes than I am.


Individual Steam reviews are pointless anyway, like tears in the rain. What matters is the aggregate up/down score and number of people who voted. Some games have over a hundred thousand like/dislikes. That’s more sampled data than any consumer product I’ve ever seen in my life. That’s better than any focus group conceivable.


I would argue that games generally get the reviews they deserve and that they are not damaging to Stardock or any other company. There will always be dodgy reviews that are positive or negative but things even out in the end. Any developer who complains about the quality of Steam reviews should look more closely at the quality of their product.


Personal attacks are neither warranted nor necessary.


This is the weirdest argument I’ve seen in a while. Of course children and teenagers have opinions that don’t match adult thinking. That shouldn’t be controversial. We literally create laws based on the idea that young people aren’t mature enough to make good decisions.

If you ask a kid about Five Nights at Freddy’s you’re apt to get a completely different opinion from someone over the age of twenty.


I watched a husband and wife do a Let’s Play of the Five Nights at Freddy’s games recently and they look better than I expected. Pretty simple and lacking in strategy but atmospheric and kind of fun looking. I might have to pick them up one of these days.


Yep, just like my games I publish on Steam. The average 14-year old won’t get much out of them and think they’re dumb and boring (lacking the fancy graphics they grew up with, PS4/XBox/Call of Duty, etc), while a 47 year-old wouldn’t have the same perspective and appreciate nuances more. This is just simple reality. A 14 yo and a 47 yo have totally different expectation and thresholds as far as gaming (and a lot of other things).


Wasn’t this the very forum people were losing their minds because key-activated versions of games won’t count toward review aggregates?

Do we take Steam reviews seriously or not?

I absolutely never look at steam reviews as a purchasing guide. I get my info from here, RPS, Giant Bomb, Twitter, etc.


I do take them seriously, in fact I usually go straight to check what people are saying. There are some excellent reviews to be found on Steam, the amount of noise notwithstanding.


I think that is interesting, because I am someone who absolutely pours over customer reviews at places like amazon. I subscribe to consumer reports, go to review blogs and the like. I am buying a new vacuum cleaner, better read the 20 reviews to make sure this is the best deal, even if it contradicts the professional reviews.

For games, though, I couldn’t care less about user reviews. I care much more about what gaming enthusiast media has to say. Though, outside the Simpsons, I don’t know if there is a vacuuming enthusiast press to go off of.


Really Amazon reviews? The place where people routinely give items a one star review because they were promised two day delivery but it actually took three?


Oh yeah, there is a lot of garbage on there too, but the “helpful” ratings on Amazon seem to do a much better job about weeding out the crappy reviews from the useful ones. Steam reviews often get rated “helpful” because they are funny.


Careful, your class is showing.

A helpful section might help but more likely it would be used as a way to mob someone not about their review or it’s content but about them.

I started gaming when I was 7 years old. I am just glad the adults in my life, many who were not and still are not into computers or gaming, were supportive. I don’t think it’s very accepting or inclusive of our hobby to try and weed out groups that aren’t like us, it creates a bubble.

I guess i could have just said stop the get off my lawn menalty, but that’s not a term that is as relevant to everybody as some of you think it is.


I can see how subdividing reviews per data, age, gender, location, etc, can be useful, but for me there’s exactly one datum I care about, “Do I trust this person’s opinion on games”.

I don’t much care about reviews from people I know nothing about, I don’t know what sort of games they like or dislike, I care about opinions from people I know are relevant…