Steam spring sale 2014

I would have thought it was going to be last week, doesn’t in usually coincide with Easter?

Is there even going to be one?

They don’t always have a spring sale, and when they do it’s small/limited. Last year it was indies-only.

Personally I’m ok with taking a break this year

You can still take a break while the rest of us have a sale. Win win! ;)

I’ve kinda got everything my heart currently desires that would go on sale for any appreciable amount. I’m sure many others feel the same and Steam knows this. You can only put the same back catalog games on sale so many times before everyone who would buy them already has.

Or Steam makes more money with each sale and what I wrote above is rubbish.

What you wrote is rubbish. As long as not everyone has everything, and of course new costumers arrive every single day, steam sales will continue to the most profitable thing.

I think it was about 35 percent of all games on steam that are purchased, have never been played. At least, according to a resarch some gaming site did not so long ago, whose name escapes me.

Ars Technica?

They had an original article here:

And refined numbers here:

The numbers are based on about 90K accounts, IIRC.


Thank you Wendelius - thats exactly the one I was (mis)remembering! :-)

I bet there isn’t one. They could quite happily keep going until summer. Frankly if I was steam, I’d skip a year of sales entirely. Regular sales mean people stop buying full price.

I think the constant barrage of Weeklong Deals, Mid-Week Deals and Weekend Deals means we won’t see as many little Steam Sales as we used to. They’ll still do the Summer Sale and the Winter Sale, because those are hugely popular, but I would not hold out hope for a Spring Sale or even a Fall Sale around Thanksgiving now that there are dozens of games a week on sale at various times. Then again, it all really depends on publishers. If enough publishers and developers are willing to discount their games at the same time, instant Spring Sale.

Also, I laugh at that graphic. I’d say fully 60% of my Steam games are unplayed. I tend to collect games I am interested in when they go on steep discount with the intent to someday get around to playing them when I have time. Sadly, Steam has not yet invented a way to put TIME on sale so I can add extra hours to my day to play games.

Yeah, but even then the point of games purchased but not played must reach saturation. I’m assuming that many people buy the already successful games when they are on sale. However Elder Scrolls Oblivion has been on sale many times now, it must be reaching some sort of saturation point where if you were ever going to buy it (irregardless of if you will play it) you most likely would have by now.

Or Steam makes more money with each sale and what I wrote above is rubbish.

While the % not played numbers are something, they really aren’t interesting to me without some way of figuring what % of those games are parts of either publisher bundles or humble/indie/etc bundles. I have a lot of games like Juiced 2: Hot Import Nights that I got as part of a publisher bundle where I wanted perhaps 3 or 4 of the 10+ games offered and the humble bundles have the same thing. As far as I’m concerned from any practical level I do not own Juiced 2 and 20 other games in my steam account because I will never install them or factor them into any purchasing or playing decision I might make.

To me, that 26% of unplayed games is a reflection of the massive bundling of random games and not an actual massive backlog out there.

I could easily say my backlog / unplayed games doesn’t have much to do with bundling.

Red Barrels Games, the makers of Outlast said there will be a sale on their game. The Whistleblower DLC is scheduled to launch May 6th. I wouldn’t be surprised if they set the launch date to coincide with the Spring Sale as well.

Ratio of my backlog size (dwindling) to my wishlist size (burgeoning) has hit just the right level to make a Steam sale event exciting.

I think the worry at Steam would be in allowing a competitor the chance to gain some ground

Last year we had a Halloween sale AND a Thanksgiving sale.
Both were a handful of games (in case of the Halloween one they were horror / gore based) though and no changing offers.

I think the true brilliance of the Steam sales is getting us to spend money on games we haven’t even played. It’s us spending money we would never have otherwise, which is why the sales are reaping huge revenue rewards. They are just riding that curve very well. The only question is how it will gradually impact our appetite for full price games, but my thoughts are that this would be the new normal - we will still pay full price for games we’re waiting to play, but we are now primed to pay less for something we may never or hardly play at all.

That used to happen in the days of brick and mortar sales too. I still have boxed copies of games which I never played. Steam sales are more like the home shopping network… binge game shopping

I think the biggest thing Steam ever did for its sales, was to keep the credit card info in Steam at all time, making it a click to purchase, where we don’t even have to get up to get our damn credit cards. Soooo tempting that its almost criminal.