Steam Spring Sale 2023

Wow, and I was feeling excessive with my 511-game collection over the past 18 years! :)

Oh wow. I decided to try this last night… First few games were short as my people starved. Then I caught on, and had to save the game at 11:15 last night because it was bedtime and I was in the 2100s and having a blast. I couldn’t figure out how a match-3 game could possibly have Civ elements, but sure enough, once it clicks, it’s really fun and interesting. Thanks for the reco! Absolutely amazing bargain even at full price.

I bought this last sale and haven’t tried it yet, so glad people are liking it. Sounds like i’ll enjoy it.

Yep, Tiny Civ is good, it has that one more turn match 3 addictiveness .

An Expert of Accrual. LMAO.

My haul;

Sonic Origins (on sale outside of Steam)
OlliOlli World
Amid Evil
Cruelty Squad
Post Void
Mortal Sin

And DLC for Doom Eternal (no idea why it’s taken me this long), Horizon Chase Turbo and Streets of Rage 4.

Quite happy with this bunch, should keep me going for a while.

DLC for Horizon Chase Turbo, you say?

there is an outrun inspired one, and a quite cool formula one inspired ayrton senna one.

I took a look, and Formula One one isn’t really my thing, but hey, three bucks. The OST is great though, so I’ll probably get that and the Summer Drive one (if I’m remembering the name right).

Legion Wars is on sale.
Gun game, but tough. It’s best describes as Age of Wonders meets Advanced Wars.

The graphics are cartoony, but the factions are distinct. Unique units, unique magic, and each faction gets a slightly different tech tree.

Also, units can be upgraded with perks and items, but the upgrades impact all the units of that type.

As an example, the Undead have weak skeletons. Their first upgrade is to cut their cost in half, or make them more powerful.

Making them more powerful makes sense if you if focus on Skeleton mages, because they can summon more skeletons for free.

At the same time, their are techs that allow you to build barracks for free, and have them generate gold. This allows you to build extra skeletons, so half price skeletons works with this play style.

There is also a Rogue like mode were you start with a few heroes, and have to survive multiple waves of enemies. Hero units level up, and gain items they can equip.

The only downside of this game is the lack of online multiplayer. It’s hot seat only.

As a reward for conquering a big chunk of my backlog over the winter, I added a bunch more games to my backlog that should have already been there.

Nobody Saves the World
The Forest
Vampire Survivors: Legacy of the Moonspell
Marvel’s Midnight Suns
Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen
Oxygen Not Included
The Riftbreaker
PowerWash Simulator

Now I need to finish up Plague Tail: Innocence so I can move onto my (new) backlog.

I already have Valheim, but kind of want to wait till 1.0 to really mess with it and it’s still in early access, right? Any scuttlebutt on when it’ll be officially released?

BTW, re my earlier post about Horizon Chase Turbo, the game is awesome and the soundtrack is banging, but damn can it be balls hard. Also for some reason on my screen, even though I set it to full screen it still shows my Windows taskbar on the bottom.

Yup, it’s still early access. Maybe I’m pessimistic, but I don’t expect 1.0 till…2025? Maybe.

It’s a really nice game that’s on my radar to play more of. I’m nowhere near done with the base game yet, but the DLC looked neat and was cheap enough that I’m looking forward to getting round to it eventually. I don’t think I’ve got as far as seeing much difficulty resistance yet, but just from how the game plays I can totally see how that might be on the way. Even in the early game, getting bunched up in traffic or collisions can be fatal for your run.

I will never give EA any amount of money ever again if I can help it. Their shitty launcher breaking games.on steam deck (fixed, maybe?), their absolutely insane account integration problem with Microsoft (I detailed it elsewhere here but many people have a problem with EA Play games on Xbox where they claim your account credentials are bad but when you try to reset them nothing happens, and when you contact EA about it they tell you it must be linked to some old email address [it isn’t] but they can’t tell you anything at all about what that address might be and they claim to not be able to do anything about it, so any online features of EA games on Xbox are just broken for you, forever), for once in my life I am voting with my wallet and giving them nothing.

I need to finish this too. I got stuck on a stealth sequence where I play as the little boy. Need to get back to it.

It’s a Plague Tale btw. No Tails in the titles! :)

I understand that. A close friend of mine has the thing where EA won’t let him play their games because of a thing with the email address, it’s pretty ridiculous. I’ve had nothing but good luck with their customer support personally though. They’ve always been nice and taken care of any issues I had.

Do you get that display issue I mentioned?

The email address thing is doubly ridiculous because I have used one single email address for the last like 17 years. I actually tried every single email address I have ever had (I haven’t had that many), and none of them worked, so the whole thing is just bogus, obviously some problem on their end and they just don’t care about it.

Tried Tiny Civilization this morning before I jump back into Sekiro. This is a really great match 3, which i don’t play very much of. I made it to the Medieval age on my 3rd try. Things can go south fast - draining food and industry.

Anyone know how we advance to the next ages? Is it culture, or number of turns? I haven’t noticed.

Edit: it’s got to be number of turns.

Yeah, I think it’s just number of turns.