Steam Stuff - What Has the Digital Distribution Giant Done Lately?


Hey y’all, Steam does a lot of changes and stuff that makes our lives better or worse, and since I wanted to post about this new awesome thing they just added, and couldn’t find a general Steam thread to do it in, I thought I’d make one!


So the big dealy-o today is that you can now finally, FINALLY activate keys via a browser.

This has been so needed for so long it’s silly, but I’m happy that it’s there. You also get an email confirmation too! Yay!


Just in time for the humble monthly keys tomorrow. :D

I mentioned it over in the Steam Stats thread, as you acknowledged we didn’t have an all purpose thread for Steam until now!


Oh cool, can you activate keys via the iOS app too?


I’m seeing a lot of people celebrating this, but what’s the big deal? Is it so you can start downloading remotely? What’s the hassle with doing in client?


Because now I can add keys while I’m at work without having to log out of the client at home and into it here, or remote in my PC at home to enter them there. It’s just a million times easier.


Can we register keys via the ANDROID mobile app? I haven’t looked at it in a few weeks.


Uhhh… you can log into the client multiple places at the same time. You just can’t play simultaneously. I activate keys at work all the time even though Steam is running at home. At least I think I do…


yeah, you can log in multiple times.


But people cannot always install the client on non-personal pc’s.


I just asked that!



I specified Android in my update to my post. ;)


Right. That may be a problem for folks. If you can, though. You can activate keys if Steam is not blocked.


Huh, last time I tried to log into Steam on my mac here, it forced me to log out at home on my PC.


I think I found your problem!


Sigh, at work EVERYONE uses a Mac (besides Keynote, I’m not sure why). I’m…not a fan of it, but whatever.


Just messin’ with ya. We use the tools required of us.


I strongly believe west coast is more MAC oriented, east coast is still very much Wintel.


Yeah, it’s also a very young company (seriously, I feel like I work with models), so they have to be hip and shit. So yeah, Macs. Ugh.


Well, great, but then what? What do you gain over waiting till you get home? You can’t actually play the game without logging into the client anyway.