Steam Stuff - What Has the Digital Distribution Giant Done Lately?


I’ve been a member since 2004. But The Orange Box got me really using Steam.


Yeah I remember getting The Orange Box in October of 2007, at Circuit City of all places, and being just shocked at the quality of games for the price I paid. I lost over 2000 hours of my life to Team Fortress 2, made some good online friends while playing it too.


Huh, my first game was Torchlight, when I could have sworn it was Mass Effect.


They sort of did that with the scavenger/treasure hunt events in the past. I much preferred that approach to “this is a sale also some trading cards I guess” more recently.


Yes, Orange Box led me to install Steam. But the first game I bought using Steam was Peggle.

In fact, just for fun, here are the first 10 games that I bought with Steam…


10 games in two years! How quaint.


Bought through Steam? Interesting thought. That’s entirely different.

Looks like for me it was:

Audiosurf (Feb, 2008)
Darkstar One (Mar 2008)
Unreal II: The Awakening (Mar 2008) (Wow, I’ve still never played more than 20 minutes of this)
Prey (Mar 2008)
Civ IV Complete Pack (Apr 2008)
Everyday Shooter (May 2008)
Shadowgrounds Survivor (May 2008)
Titan Quest Gold (Jul 2008)
Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne (Sep 2008)

I have to shake my head at that list. I haven’t played any of those games extensively except Titan Quest Gold. Literally none of the others. I played through Prey on the Xbox 360 instead, so I’m not sure why I thought double dipping a PC version was a good idea back then.

I’ll get to Civ IV one of these decades. All the rest are crap I think.

Edit: Wow, going through the rest of this list, there’s only 4 or 5 games I’ve purchased from Steam that I’ve played. Everything else just goes into the backlog and then gets eliminated later. I really should stop buying games from Steam, is my main takeaway from looking at this list.


These are the same games I have listed.


My first is the Penny Arcade Rainwhatevers.
Less than 20 minutes ingame. Okay Steam, I’ll play that :)

Sega Genesis pack #4
Civ 4 complete pack
Command and Conquer 4
Meridian 4 Complete Pack (why)
2K Complete Pack (Duke Nukem Forever’s release…)
Defense Grid

At least some of those were good!


Lol, I don’t think that’s the outcome Valve was hoping for.

I’m having a blast looking back at my old purchases and seeing which games I’ve played, and which I’ve barely touched.

It’s also cool seeing my friend’s list up, and seeing all the notifications that so-and-so is now playing Half Life 2.


This… is amazing to me.


He is doing it right! It is not about playing the games, it is about collecting them. :D





Might be worth taking the couple minutes to launch some old games.


What do I win?!



You win NOTHING because I win:



I have to go way back for mine:


I lose:

…but I also kinda win 'cause I got Beyond Good and Evil for $5.


So for Memorial Day weekend in the US we’re remembering… videogames.

Alrighty then.



I have played. . . surprisingly many of those games (albeit not all on Steam). I did play Freedom Force, Monkey Island, and KOTOR all the way through off the discs back in the day, and then logged at least a few hours each into Civ 4, Jade Empire, Defense Grid, and Portal. My averages drop off a cliff from there, though. . .


I’m almost tempted to check out Shadow of Mordor, but what is the point?