Steam Stuff - What Has the Digital Distribution Giant Done Lately?

They’ll buy exclusive rights to sell Half Life 3.

Epic is literally losing money on every purchase as their loss leader, not to mention the free games. There’s no way Steam will respond, and it doesn’t make sense to do so. If a spending war starts, the bottom will drop out of the market and everyone will suffer.

Just a somewhat Steam related question - why are some vendors on Amazon selling Steam gift cards for over face value? I see $20 cards going for $27. What is up with that, when you can buy them for face value? What am I missing?

There are countries where games are more expensive locally than the markup on those Steam cards. So it’s cheaper to pay the extra to have the card shipped or emailed and buy the games using US currency.

Amazon used to sell Steam gift cards. They stopped carrying them at some point, only leaving third party sellers with physical cards (who unlike Amazon likely have no margin selling them at face value) fishing for a buyer, probably those with amazon gift card balances to churn.

My first thought is: Steam already has a player/account level, xp system, badges, cards, and all that shit. The new thing here really is the possibility of game discounts.

I’m sure no gamer will figure out a way to game a system that gives them discounts.

I’m all for loyalty and rewards but maybe they should just… keep it simple. Did they learn nothing from the hare?

FYI…Dragonfall is far and away the best one of the bunch. Followed by Hong Kong. Shadowrun Returns is great for the first half though.

I liked Hong Kong the least. Had to really push myself to finish. Oh look a bonus campaign! Lol, no thanks, uninstalled.

Dragonfall was the best.

I know that Dragonfall is better regarded, but I wouldn’t overlook the original. It’s still an enjoyable game, and arguably a better intro to the world and the game’s systems. Took me much longer to get back into Dragonfall after a break of several years (in fact I only got a few hours into it).

Ugh Steam. I can’t even login on a holiday. wth.

Working fine here.

It’s not just me. It’s those trying to connect within the last hour or so. Those already connected seem fine. I had work to briefly work this morning.

It’s fine here, @ShivaX and I have been playing Warhammer 2 for the last half hour while using steam voice chat. Try changing your Steam server, maybe?

It just went up for me. Very weird.

I knew the whole thing wasn’t down or there would be more complaints but this…

Suggested there was an issue somewhere.

Dammit @Nesrie now you broke Steam for me, I can’t get into any multiplayer sessions of Deep Rock Galactic.

I didn’t have any problems playing Dark Souls 3 and getting my ass kicked while invading people. :)

So what you’re saying is Gremlins has invaded Steam. We could call Shatner.

Shatner would just beam them all to Origin or Uplay.

EA giving up on Origin, or at least opening up to Steam!