Steam Stuff - What Has the Digital Distribution Giant Done Lately?

I was going to post something about it in the indie thread. But I need more time to download more demos!

So far tried Syder Reloaded (promising euro-horizontal shoot-em-up) and Temple of Snek (which I’ve been following for a while, it’s Snake combined with puzzle game, not much content yet but the puzzles show promise).


I tried and really liked Manifold Garden and Ghostrunner.

I tried and kinda liked Stronghold: Warriors and FIST: Forged in Shadow Torch.

Rogue Heroes looks like it has some potential especially for MP, but sadly I think it doesn’t have enough give to play with my nephew. It reminds of Grindea too which I keep waiting to leave EA but… not sure it ever will.

Very nice Valve!

Wait…does the Epic Store launcher NOT have a feature to resume downloads after you exit the launcher? Every time I’ve had to shut down before a download completes, it tells me I have to reinstall the whole thing from the beginning again because the destination folder “must be empty”.

The hell? Am I doing something wrong?

Not using Steam?


But seriously, this is appears to be a long-standing issue with their client. “Apparently” if you kill it with Task Manager instead, it will resume next time you launch it.

I can’t even.

This snark brought to you by the Steam Stuff thread :)

Figured as much.

Lord knows why they don’t take 1% of the money they throw around for exclusives and free giveaways and put it towards building a client that’s even 1% better than Steam’s.

It does. I just tried it. Also, this is the steam thread, not the EGS thread.

I mean, people also have to go to the Steam forums for tech support on Epic exclusive games…

That’s called outsourcing your support team. Everyone does it!

So, I have an employee who likes to game. I’m not friends with him on Steam, but would like to get him a Steam gift card as a holiday gift.

Am I crazy, but does Steam really not offer just generic digital Steam gift cards that you can email to folks? I actually have to be friends with the person on Steam or physically buy a gift card?

Seems nuts

May be an anti-scammer measure?

Couldn’t you buy a physical gift card for Steam instead?

I am not currently making trips to the store with our Covid spike. My team is also 100% remote with the pandemic, so then I would need to mail it.

Sorry! I don’t really think about Covid much these days.

No sweat! I hope to be there again soon.

I was mainly just surprised you can’t buy gift certificates and email them to folks.

If you knew a game he wanted you could gift him the game directly? I think you can do that on Steam?

Are you allowed to return a gift game on Steam for credit?

Main thing was that I didn’t want to force him to be Steam friends with his boss.

It’s all good folks, I will get him a candle or something :D

Valve is so concerned about fraud and money laundering they’ve forgotten how humans work. I still recall when gifting was just a silly thing people nagged them about so, who knows, maybe a bunch of guys will figure out that not everyone who gets or receives a gift are chums.

I think I recall in times past with Secret Santas where people will buy a game as a gift on steam, then forward the email on later and the recipient can then redeem the game that way. But it looks like Valve have even removed that option now. Crazy.