Steam Stuff - What Has the Digital Distribution Giant Done Lately?

What’s interesting, and maybe only implied by the blog post but which seems like it could be far more explicitly stated in the contact from Steam (which has the resources to have very good attorneys who have thought these policies through) is Steam positioning its services/product as DRM – that happens to come with a store-front listing attached to it.

I am purely speculating here, but I would imagine that positing themselves as a provider of DRM who happens to do other stuff like sell games from a ubiquitous storefront gives them a lot of leeway, legally speaking.

If Steam really insists on that in general (and not just for Steam keys), they’re abusing their dominant market position, and will lose.

But there seems to be no reliable source for that being a policy, unlike for Steam keys, where their documentation does state a price parity requirement. If this was really happening, Valve should have been in trouble years ago.

Presumably they must base this purely on the US Store and USD price if it is explicitly a thing because there are plenty of examples where a game at its base price is either cheaper or more expensive on GOG than Steam, for me personally in Australian dollars.

Steam does regional pricing, a lot of competitors do so differently or not at all. So, yeah.

I have 4 games on my Steam wishlist that have no price. When I go to their store pages, no price is listed there and there’s no way to buy. Kenshi is one of those games. Anyone else having this issue?

Are they replaced with new editions?

No. I figure it must be some kind of Steam glitch.

Looks like a glitch, I see the same thing for Kenshi. No price or way to add to my cart, just the DLC (soundtrack).

You have to think that’s going to affect sales.

Looks like Kenshi ran out of Steam keys.

Huh. I wasn’t aware it was possible for Steam to run out of Steam keys for a game. I totally understand having to source keys for third party sales.

Same, that has to be one of the first times I have seen that happen. There are plenty of games on Steam where who knows if anyone even has access to the Steam backend anymore these days due to events like developer closures. So, it does make me wonder if certain games on Steam could one day become effectively unavailable forever.

Lol, according to that post they’ve loaded more Kenshi keys but have been trying to figure out how to turn the buy button back on for the past 8 hours.

Maybe it has some kind of launcher that needs custom keys? AFAIK generating normal Steam keys for the Steam store is not a thing and you can’t run out.

Anyone else unable to bring up the store in the app or a browser?

I just tried and it’s fine for me in a browser.

That was odd. wasn’t working, but worked. Now works again.

So this seems to be an issue; someone’s been slipping malware into custom Steam profile pics

edit: found it

Going to presume that the ‘Group By Collection’ option had become unchecked (disabled), since I was in the middle of writing this post to suggest checking that.