Steam Stuff - What Has the Digital Distribution Giant Done Lately?


if they fix their voice chat and make it near discord quality, i will literally never touch discord again


That’s the general idea, they’re going after Discord.

Not sure how that melds with the famous Valve “work on whatever the hell you want to” philosophy. Hard to imagine a group of guys deciding to roll their desks together to destroy Discord. But hey, who knows.


You think a bunch of guys at Valve pushed their desks together and said, “OK guys, for the next several years, all we’re gonna do is make hats.”


Well, one of them was named Jervis, you see, and…


You are blowing my mind, man. You mean to imply working at Valve isn’t a utopian paradise, where unicorns with ribbons plainted in their manes daintily lick your balls as you work on whatever wild tangent strikes your fancy?


No, it’s probably that. All I’m sayin’ is sooner or later someone’s gotta pay the bills.


I read on Reddit that not only has the voice quality improved, but that the latency was better than discord.

But that’s just like, some guys opinion, man.

Ps @Scott_Lufkin, glad to see I’m not blocked!


Does this happen to anyone else:

Often times when I browse the steam store it will just randomly freeze on a page (usually product pages, perhaps it’s do with the horrendous video player it uses) and while I can use the rest of steam like the library and market and so on, to get the store working again I have to quit steam and restart it? It’s getting really annoying.


I’ve had all pages of Steam freeze visually until I maximize/collapse the client, typically after running a game. I don’t know if that’s related, though. Doesn’t sound like quite the same thing.


Happens to me.


Yes. I’ve had it happen as well.


Yes. I think the Chromium player they use for web content crashes and the client doesn’t know to kill it and restart it.


That usually happens to me on the community pages (discussions, etc.). Once it does, I can access the library, but nothing else.


Changes announced to combat the fake games issue. Posted to the private dev group on Steam:


Good deal. I’ve seen dollar bundles advertising a dozen games with 5000 achievements each, and they’re all very obviously fake games, so hopefully this change will cut down on that a bit.


It’s better than nothing, but I’d rather instead of this long cycle of trying to make it less profitable to create fakes, they just delete them and ban the developers. I mean, we’re not even talking objectionable content here, this is stuff with no value except to pad stats that people care about for some reason.


On a different note, anybody else getting a bunch of trading cards from random games the past few hours?


No, but I did a day or two back, and lots of people were reporting it on the Steam forums.


I imagine it’s incredibly easy to fake/recreate all the necessary info when PayPal and email are free, Valve almost certainly isn’t verifying street addresses for dev accounts, and the fee for opening a dev account is so small that even these fake games can turn a profit. Better to make releasing these games not worth the time in the first place than to let them clog up the system in a different way.


Yeah, I get that too. Had it twice last week in a couple of days. Infuriating. And god, their video player is absolute shit. In fact, viewing screenshots in the community tab is absolute shit as well. Steam’s great but at times it feels like it’s held together with tape and chewing gum.