Steam Stuff - What Has the Digital Distribution Giant Done Lately?


I am just giggling imagining some neural network somewhere using this thread as learning data.

What will we have created? :)




Blackadder is the best. I also miss Rik


Someday you boys will have a … oh nvm, Grrr,




Which movie is this from? I really like these old 70 minutes creature features from the 50s.


It’s been several years since I’ve seen the sci-fi B-movie, The Brain From Planet Arous , but one thing is still clear in my mind: that it features a large disembodied alien brain, a criminal brain, no less, that comes to Earth to control the population with its psychic powers.

The brain, called Gor, seizes control of Steve, a nuclear scientist, who becomes a randy “regular caveman” under the alien’s influence. With Steve as his puppet, Gor blows up an aeroplane in mid-flight (it kind of just pops, like a tiny firecracker), kills a sheriff, and threatens to wipe out entire cities.

Fortunately for the people of Earth, another big brain arrives from planet Arous. This one’s a friendly brain called Vol, who possesses the body of a dog in order to stop Gor from blowing anything else up.

The film concludes with a final, epic battle, in which Steve finally gets to exact his revenge on Gor. Seizing a conveniently located axe, he hacks the evil cerebrum into oblivion. It’s a moment where acting, special effects and excitable music all come together to create one of the most unintentionally funny fight scenes in movie history. In spite of its superior intelligence, the evil brain loses.

Oddly, after everything else he’s seen (exploding aircraft, floating brains), Steve refuses to believe his wife when she tells him that she was helped by a talking dog. “You women and your imaginations,” he says. The sexist swine.





What’s the point in any of this since all the good games will be at the Epic Megastore from now on? 😢


A year later they will be on Steam and easier to find. :)


After they’re all patched up and contained in complete collection/GOTY bundles 😄


In a single year? Aren’t you the optimist!

Seriously, all this Epic business has made me realize just how rare it is for me to buy a game in its first year of release anyway.


So you’re saying that the murder happened with an axe in the kitchen? I feel vindicated!


To be clear, that description is not mine. But sure, knock yourself out. :)


I like the look of the new Steam UI. Any word on when it will go live for beta?


I’m also a fan of the UI updates. Would be nice if some of those made their way to Big Picture.


I tend to agree with Vin for reasons that are not even recognizable – but I agree with him HERE on just common sense. I haven’t bought a game on first year release in ages --(defined == 2 or more years).

Though I am lurking in the Bethesda channels for the new improved Fallout '76…

(AC odyssey aside_