Steam Stuff - What Has the Digital Distribution Giant Done Lately?

A good thought, but I have a Samsung SSD so I don’t believe that’s the issue. I won’t rule it out, but it seems unlikely to me.

Yeah, seems unlikely if you’re writing to an SSD. I was not when I was having this issue.

Also, I mentioned before but I get much better and consistent speeds with EPIC and uPlay, so it’s just something with Steam for some reason. I just pulled down Anno 1800 and got the entire thing in about 11 minutes.


Anyway, if no one else is really seeing this that’s excellent news all around, I think it must be something with the download servers near me (since I think @robc04 is not too far away from me geographically and he’s seeing at least some of this, too).

Never any issues with download speed, centered here between Philly and NYC.

Took just under 5 minutes. :D

Hahahaha, damn. I only wish I got those speeds. What you guys describe as bad is the best I can hope for in chicago.

Getting 2.6 mb/s is an improvement. I think the highest I ever saw, for even a short time, was 3.5.

I don’t have those speeds, but Steam is also able to team connections. When I was doing powerline networking, I could add a wireless network and Steam uses both to their capacity.

I’ve been sitting here thinking the same thing. My actual internet connection is “only” 30 Mbps so 3.5 MB/s is pretty good, really.

Exactly. Most downloads average between 800kb/s and 2.1mb/s. Sometimes dipping lower, and only very rarely going above.

And 3-4 years ago it was half that. In Chicago. Got no sympathy for complaints above!

mines supposed to go up to 400 mbps but I usually get 320-360 on Steam, Epic and all the other stores

Yup, just got an upgrade last month and I’m thrilled whenever I get a sustained 6 MB/s. I thought that was fast until I saw the numbers upthread…

I look forward to Valve’s algorithm flagging and removing the reviews from this recent review bomb.

I’ve sure the developer and Valve will have no problem yanking out all the praise…

If Ubi could have predicted the review response for Unity, do you think they would’ve torched the Notre-Dame closer to release?

Sorry, that was a grossly inappropriate and insensitive joke.

I had a guilty laugh from it.

Nothing wrong with some dark humor, I chuckled.

One Billion!

Garbage number, as there are not 1 billion PC gamers worldwide; that 1B accounts number includes bots, duplicate accounts, etc.

90M active users is awesome though!

While I love steam nothing is more frustrating then getting on my 5 hour plane ride only to find out that steam won’t give me the play in offline option.

I’m not sure I agree with you a hundred percent on your police work, there, Lou.




The number that is commonly thrown around is 1.2 billion PC gamers as sourced above.

While I am sure that Steam number includes bots and duplicate accounts, it is probably realistically closer to that 1B number than you think.

OK, so if I’m wrong and there are indeed 1 billion+ PC gamers worldwide, do nearly 100% have a Steam account? No, of course not.

It’s still a garbage number related to journalistic enthusiasm to post a “1 billion accounts!” article.