Steam Stuff - What Has the Digital Distribution Giant Done Lately?


It does, yes. And then they have sex. Personally I think 2, and probably 3, are actively less tasteful because they try to depict the sex, while 1 just has some pinups with a bit of nudity.


Witcher is the only series I played that has good sex scenes.
Even the hated pictures in the first game were a nice bits of erotic art.


New Steamworks Homepage:


Hey, competition! Valve actually speaks about and advertises their featureset. Whoa.

Here is the blogpost by Alden


Not quite related, but related to the “Industry Standard”:

In those cases, Apple charges a commission of 30%, a practice that the lawsuit contends unfairly drives up the price for the apps.


Steam Link on iOS is now live.


Note to self: try some phone gaming soon.


Decent thoughts…even if it doesn’t really address the true issues with Steam that developers are really upset about (lack of discoverability, too much automation, too much junk flooding the store every day, etc). The flood of devs moving to Epic and other venues? This is just the beginning based on some conversations i’ve had recently.


You mean the ones being bribed with dump trucks full of cash? I’m not sure that’s indicative of much of anything beyond Epic’s commitment to buying a share of the market.

What’s darkly hilarious is that they’re paving a path for those that come after - consider how much of the market Google can just straight up buy for their streaming service. Epic’s doing a great job of showing bigger fish how to put them out of business.


Again, nothing can change the realities of the market. There are too many Indie devs making too many games. Game development is easier than it’s ever been, with tools and engines being given out nearly for free. Almost every programmer who grew up gaming in the 90s or later has a dream of making a game some day, and many of them are willing to sacrifice their well-being to accomplish it.

The Indie renaissance is over. Some will rise to the top and grab all the money, but most will disappear into obscurity and poverty, just like the book market, the actor market, the app market, and every other winner-takes-all market.


They have to be invited first, and that presents a hurdle.


Well holy crap! I’d bought a Surface Pro 6 a couple of months ago and only setup GOG on it to run some older games and stuff I figured it wouldn’t have any problem with. Never even considered Steam since most of my stuff on there would be pretty tough for it to handle I figured. Finally, yesterday I installed Steam and then Warhammer: Gladius. It was playable, but the moves of the units had a noticeable stutter. Still I was happy, and left it alone after that.

Today, I pulled up Steam from my Surface and my entire library was showing in the list with everything except Gladius listed as ‘Stream’. If I knew this was an option, I didn’t recall it. Anyway, I tried streaming Gladius instead of running from the Surface. And it was amazing! Pretty much the same as sitting at my desktop. I haven’t explored any more heavy duty games like a FPS or Total War, but so far it was freaking cool as hell. Pretty much a game changer!


That’s been in long enough for me to forget when it went in. It’s super-handy. If you want to install the game on your laptop, that’s in the dropdown menu next to the stream button. You need to be logged into steam on both machines iirc.


So streaming games from Steam to a surface or Ipad, obviously the games weren’t designed for mobile touch control, how well do games work? Do you pretty much have to use a controller to have a good experience? I’m not quite getting the appeal of this, I mean, it doesn’t sound like a good experience to play a PC game on my 10" ipad sitting in my lap with a controller in my hand. Am I missing something?


In my case I have a keyboard and will just be playing m/kb games like strategy or rpgs. I guess I could connect my controller to it but it would be too small of a screen for those kind of games.


So guys, was there ever any solution found to the slow Steam download problem? I’m downloading a game now and am getting freaking 300 KB/s. That’s it. I did a speed test and am clocking near 400 MB/s on that, so I am super fucking confused. Thank you.


Have you tried changing your download location? Also, shut the active window of the Epic launcher - that thing is murder on system performance.


Epic Launcher isn’t running, and I’ve tried three download locations, LA (closest to me), Seattle and San Jose, all are slow as molasses.


Okay wow, it must be the particular game. I’m trying to download this thing called Warzone-X, was getting less than 100kb/s. I switched to randomly downloading Star Wars: Force Unleashed: It’s at about 46MB/s. Crazy difference.


I was going to suggest trying one of the LAN event servers, hardly anyone uses them. Edit: They’re gone now, so exactly nobody uses them.

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