Steam Stuff - What Has the Digital Distribution Giant Done Lately?

I just got The Orange Box like many others (though they disqualified Half-Life 2 since I apparently used that for a previous event).

I sorta wish that the Steam tell me what to play from my backlog suggestions were an all the time thing.

Agreed, I actually kinda like this.

This sort of thing is why I liked the Treasure Hunts and other goofy sale-related activities they used to do. Get me to play stuff that’s been languishing in my backlog.

I could do without the “play the ancient Valve multiplayer games you inherited with Half-Life 2” task though. At least step a little further into my purchase/registration history, please.

I just left a comment on the news page for the event. I hope they read them because other folks seem to feel the same way.

Red Orchestra for me.

I had a bunch of the stuff in the various lists on my HD until last week when I removed a ton of stuff I wasn’t playing. Now I’m just having to reinstall to get the rewards. Doh!

I booted up Star Wars Battleground 2 (the original) just for shits a giggles, and then I checked in, and got a badge. Didn’t even know what was going on.

Now, it wants to me to play Torchlight 1.

I’d be a lot more interested if the suggestions were better. Awareness of dead MP games would be good. Awareness that Steam didn’t start tracking play time until… 2011 or so would be another. There are a lot of games I’ve played extensively that Steam doesn’t remember I played at all.

Also, some of these are just incorrect. Steam thinks I haven’t played Superflight, but I played that last week.

Some of these, however, are good categories. Play something recommended by a friend, for example, is a good way to go that largely mitigates the issues above.

For anyone else who uses the classy Metro for Steam skin, there’s a new update patch as of May 17:

E3 page is up

There are too many videogames.

Not a bad thing. ;)

Here we go!

Good to see the encouragement for 4K support in the client.

Fun story. I was bored and randomly looked at the discussions for one of those random hentai/titty games that Steam keeps vomitting up on various lists.

That these words were typed by a human being in a public place, makes me wonder if maybe we should give the reptiles another shot at the planet:

Is there any specific requirements for getting Clacier pregnant (or does anyone specifically know if you can get her pregnant by losing a boss fight)? I’ve done a playthrough without getting pregnant at all because I had her equip “birth control” but I’m curious as to what happens if she gets pregnant. Currently saved outside of the first Demon boss fought during the Knight storyline, I’ve used the Period Regulator to get her to “Highly Fertile” and Lewdness level is C if that makes any difference.


That is beautiful. I have almost as much fun reading Crusader Kings 2 threads.

If there ever was an argument in favor of Epic and it’s lack of features, this is it.

You can also untick the ‘Show me cartoon porn’ box…

Nah, this is better.

I did, but one or two still sneak by once in a great while.