Steam Stuff - What Has the Digital Distribution Giant Done Lately?

For anyone else who uses the classy Metro for Steam skin, there’s a new update patch as of May 17:

E3 page is up

There are too many videogames.

Not a bad thing. ;)

Here we go!

Good to see the encouragement for 4K support in the client.

Fun story. I was bored and randomly looked at the discussions for one of those random hentai/titty games that Steam keeps vomitting up on various lists.

That these words were typed by a human being in a public place, makes me wonder if maybe we should give the reptiles another shot at the planet:

Is there any specific requirements for getting Clacier pregnant (or does anyone specifically know if you can get her pregnant by losing a boss fight)? I’ve done a playthrough without getting pregnant at all because I had her equip “birth control” but I’m curious as to what happens if she gets pregnant. Currently saved outside of the first Demon boss fought during the Knight storyline, I’ve used the Period Regulator to get her to “Highly Fertile” and Lewdness level is C if that makes any difference.


That is beautiful. I have almost as much fun reading Crusader Kings 2 threads.

If there ever was an argument in favor of Epic and it’s lack of features, this is it.

You can also untick the ‘Show me cartoon porn’ box…

Nah, this is better.

I did, but one or two still sneak by once in a great while.

Burn it with fire!

Smaug approves of this line of thinking, and is happy to start the process anytime.

Leaving it ticked does provide some interesting information, though. For one, at any given time, there are usually 2 - 3 of those games in the “new and trending” list, which implies they do sell fairly well.

Second, you can make a fun little game of trying to figure out which anime games are porn and which aren’t from their cover art. I find it nigh impossible to tell.

I mean I have the “Porn Game” category unchecked, but if the publisher doesn’t put it in that category…
This is an Indie RPG, guys. It says so right in the tags.

Oh also download the uncensored patch on the dev website and how do I get so and so pregnant?

It made me laugh after the wave of cold terror passed over me, so that’s something.

I mean, it’s weird as hell to me, but as long as no one’s being harmed directly or indirectly, whatever floats their boat.

Those categories will remain firmly unchecked on my end, though. :)

Looking at the front page, most of these seem to be tagged “Sexual Content” so maybe that would be the thing to block? Back when I bothered with such thing, I tended to just block anime in general, but that’s probably too broad for most folks. Although actually, I’m thinking of the discovery queue - is there any way to block on tags across the whole store?

I mean, the cold terror is more or less constant these days anyway so I guess we should just appreciate the laugh and back away slowly?

Well, The Witcher 3 had the “Sexual Content” tag for a long time (all of the Witcher games did).

Really the “Porn Game” tag gets like 99% of them. They don’t like offend me by existing by any means, so when one sneaks by I don’t usually care or even notice (unlike before I turned it off and basically half or more of the New Release/Upcoming was the damned things). This one evaded the category somehow and I kept seeing it, was waiting for Steel Division 2 to unlock and… then my brain wondered what these guys talk about.

And now I know.

Yeah, I’ve basically come to the conclusion that I’d rather just see the unfiltered trash heap. It’s an interesting anthropological study if nothing else. It’s not like I use the Steam store to find games anyway.