Steam Stuff - What Has the Digital Distribution Giant Done Lately?

That was temporary, should be sorted now.

Oooh something to try later tonight!

Cool. This is what I’ve always hoped the discovery queue would be.

Man, why is this on a website, which I never log into, instead of the desktop application which I log into almost everyday?

It is on the application if you manage to navigate to it

They’ve also released a bunch of other stuff under the Lab branding too. Someone’s been putting in their 20% I guess.

Oh look, Store News. I don’t think I have ever clicked on that before. I usually get my Steam news I guess through that intro window or forced restarts.

Thank you!

My initial results playing around with it are certainly better than what their normal “engine” does, although I think they need to do something to offset high-playtime or open ended games. Playing a JRPG for 80 hours doesn’t mean I want 8 times as many recommendations for those as for 10 hour action games, but that roughly seems to be what happens.

I’ve played with the recommendator a bit… definitely better for me than the discovery queue. It also seems pretty accurate! I already owned half the games elsewhere or wishlisted them outside steam

Games won’t show up in there again If we mark them as “ignore”

That’s strange.
My most played are DOTA (over 1k hours), Spiral Knights and CounterStrike.
0 games like them in the first lists.

I would like to be able to tell Steam I already own a game elsewhere. It seems better to save Ignore for games I don’t want to consider. I guess I could suggest that in their discussion forum.

For me, at least, this seems to need some tuning - the results I’m getting make little sense considering my play history. Or maybe I’m just really confusing.

Mine at default settings basically make sense with the exception of Valkyria Chronicles. And Beyond Earth, but that’s due my pre-knowledge of that being shit.

Your suggestions make more sense for me than the ones I’m actually getting. :)

So the list of my 10 most played games includes stuff like the King’s Bounty series, Geneforge 5, The Witcher 2, Alien Shooter TD and Soldiers: Heroes of WWII. But Steam’s neural elves think I may be VERY interested in something called “Furry Girl”.

Think I’ll stick to the regular queues for now…

My list is pretty good, and it’s capturing titles I have in my wish list and games I’ve never heard of.

You know what would have been useful… having this before the large Steam sale.

That suggestion list works great, I know I would love all the titles it has suggested to me… because I own them on other platforms, like GOG, Xbox, and Nintendo. But they did a great job with it.

Mine would have been more useful if it had just picked games at random I think.

The only interesting thing I learned was that Steam thinks I’ve played Yakuza 0 for 750 hours. When in reality I don’t think I’ve managed more than 30 minutes.

Yep, same for me. It also includes games I’ve already played and enjoyed, so it did a good job “recommending” those to me. The list seems pretty decent, and I agree, having it before the sale would have been great.

The interactive recommender is pretty damn good and I’d say this is one experiment they should put into play immediately. Much better than the discovery queue, I agree. Considering it recommends games that I have elsewhere, have wishlisted, ones that have already piqued my interest, with a few unknowns mixed in, it’s got my recommendation.

The ease of which you can filter and weight in real time without having to refresh is pretty cool. Can you do multiple exclusions/inclusions somehow?

My experience too. The recommender was spot on for me with deadly accuracy. It was fun to adjust the popularity scale to slide towards more obscure titles. Steam’s storefront has actually gotten much better for me in the last year and tends to surface very relevant games, but this tool seems even more focused.

Certainly earning their 30%. ;-)

I’m wishing there was a way, in the recommender, that one could filter out negatively-reviewed games. That said, it’s pretty nifty even now.