Steam Stuff - What Has the Digital Distribution Giant Done Lately?

My list is pretty good, and it’s capturing titles I have in my wish list and games I’ve never heard of.

You know what would have been useful… having this before the large Steam sale.

That suggestion list works great, I know I would love all the titles it has suggested to me… because I own them on other platforms, like GOG, Xbox, and Nintendo. But they did a great job with it.

Mine would have been more useful if it had just picked games at random I think.

The only interesting thing I learned was that Steam thinks I’ve played Yakuza 0 for 750 hours. When in reality I don’t think I’ve managed more than 30 minutes.

Yep, same for me. It also includes games I’ve already played and enjoyed, so it did a good job “recommending” those to me. The list seems pretty decent, and I agree, having it before the sale would have been great.

The interactive recommender is pretty damn good and I’d say this is one experiment they should put into play immediately. Much better than the discovery queue, I agree. Considering it recommends games that I have elsewhere, have wishlisted, ones that have already piqued my interest, with a few unknowns mixed in, it’s got my recommendation.

The ease of which you can filter and weight in real time without having to refresh is pretty cool. Can you do multiple exclusions/inclusions somehow?

My experience too. The recommender was spot on for me with deadly accuracy. It was fun to adjust the popularity scale to slide towards more obscure titles. Steam’s storefront has actually gotten much better for me in the last year and tends to surface very relevant games, but this tool seems even more focused.

Certainly earning their 30%. ;-)

I’m wishing there was a way, in the recommender, that one could filter out negatively-reviewed games. That said, it’s pretty nifty even now.

Sounds like this is working well for most people, which makes me doubly curious why it’s spewing out nonsense for me. A history chock-full of hundreds of hours of strategy and RPG titles and my top recommendation is Tomb Raider 2013, followed by that crappy Gauntlet remake from 2014, followed by Sublevel Zero. Dude, what?

On the other hand, I’m always sort of pleased when an algorithm like this can’t get a read on me.

The results for me are equally terrible.

Could it be you have so many games it has run out of useful recommendations and it’s just the dregs of what’s left?

My recommended list was topped by several games which I already own outside Steam, so good job I guess.

It didn’t do a great job for me. My guess is that I have too many of them and there aren’t many left. Not sure why it doesn’t have anything from my wishlist. It at least has The Witcher 3 which I have on GOG. It does have Defenders Quest too, which I liked a lot. But it also had some games that I played and didn’t liek at all.

I mean, I’ve got like 30 games on my wishlist, most of which would be natural fits and only one of which it suggests (and that at like the 15th position). This is to say nothing of all the games I own on GOG and elsewhere that would be natural recommendations. It’s really not a lack of options!

Nothing to do with this discussion but Defender’s Quest is fantastic. I really hope they actually finish the sequel one of these days.

Agreed. I can do with more Defender’s Quest.

I am actually surprised how well it works, for me on the first ten places are games I either own elsewhere or am waiting for a sale to buy. First place goes to Plague Tale Innocence which is a game I want to buy a lot.

It would be good if we could tell Steam “I own this game elsewhere” so it would filter it out. Just like they already added “filter wishlisted” checkbox.

It’s obvious: The algorithm knows you better than you do! Were you to play any of these games, with an open mind, then you’d find that they’d quickly be you top games of all time!

The AI knows best!

Any word yet, on when the new UI is going to drop?

According to the roadmap it is still slated for July along with a bunch of other stuff.


Oops, just realized I was getting this thread mixed up with the Epic store thread. I have no idea when Steams updated is supposed to roll out. Sorry!