Steam Stuff - What Has the Digital Distribution Giant Done Lately?

Agreed. I can do with more Defender’s Quest.

I am actually surprised how well it works, for me on the first ten places are games I either own elsewhere or am waiting for a sale to buy. First place goes to Plague Tale Innocence which is a game I want to buy a lot.

It would be good if we could tell Steam “I own this game elsewhere” so it would filter it out. Just like they already added “filter wishlisted” checkbox.

It’s obvious: The algorithm knows you better than you do! Were you to play any of these games, with an open mind, then you’d find that they’d quickly be you top games of all time!

The AI knows best!

Any word yet, on when the new UI is going to drop?

According to the roadmap it is still slated for July along with a bunch of other stuff.


Oops, just realized I was getting this thread mixed up with the Epic store thread. I have no idea when Steams updated is supposed to roll out. Sorry!

The TF2 hat market has imploded today due to what appears to be a crate bug that releases unusual hats (i.e. hats with varying particle effects) at a much higher rate than normal.

One of many examples:

Shit’s been frozen while Valve tries to figure out whats up.

Some good:

In short - some devs were manipulating the release date of their game to stay constantly featured in the Coming Soon section of the store. Valve now requires changes in release date to go through them, which will hopefully curb that behavior.

Some bad:

Exploit was found, repeatedly rejected by the bounty vendor, and then directly released into the wild.

It’s entirely possible Valve had no idea about HackerOne farting around of course.

I think the big lesson here is not to use HackerOne for your bug bounty program.

EDIT: Also, I am not sure this is as big a deal as the author makes out. I dont think you can use it to break an sandbox, as you need to be able to create registry symlinks. I’m also deeply suspicious of how old the cmd.exe in that screenshot of the PoC is. There might well be more mitigations on the Windows side of this nowadays.

Well, this is interesting news and I wonder if it’s related to the above issue;

Bad headline. It’s only for CS:GO.

Are you sure? This seems to be an umbrella statement and not connected to any given game, although it seems to imply it won’t impact all Workshops:

At this time it only impacts CSGO, Dota 2, and Team Fortress 2; so basically the Valve properties.

Good news, everyone!

When you Ignore a title on Steam you now have the option to tell Steam you ‘Played the game on another platform’ so it should still generate recommendations despite being ignored.

Well that’s a nice change.

That’s a minor but very well considered improvement.

It’s about time. Was able to whittle down my wishlist a bit with this new feature.

Gamescom page is up:

Valve has updated their program rules with HackerOne to address the turned away vulnerability situation.

Not knowing well… anything about HackerOne the language of the article doesn’t make it clear where most of the blame lies. My read is that the contractor was taking their directions verbatim instead of applying some thought to the situation. Which I’m assuming based on my experience with contractors.