Steam Stuff - What Has the Digital Distribution Giant Done Lately?

Well, this is interesting news and I wonder if it’s related to the above issue;

Bad headline. It’s only for CS:GO.

Are you sure? This seems to be an umbrella statement and not connected to any given game, although it seems to imply it won’t impact all Workshops:

At this time it only impacts CSGO, Dota 2, and Team Fortress 2; so basically the Valve properties.

Good news, everyone!

When you Ignore a title on Steam you now have the option to tell Steam you ‘Played the game on another platform’ so it should still generate recommendations despite being ignored.

Well that’s a nice change.

That’s a minor but very well considered improvement.

It’s about time. Was able to whittle down my wishlist a bit with this new feature.

Gamescom page is up:

Valve has updated their program rules with HackerOne to address the turned away vulnerability situation.

Not knowing well… anything about HackerOne the language of the article doesn’t make it clear where most of the blame lies. My read is that the contractor was taking their directions verbatim instead of applying some thought to the situation. Which I’m assuming based on my experience with contractors.

Yeah, it seems HackerOne was focused purely on efficiently managing bounty payouts and that’s how this fell in the proverbial cracks.

Steam’s best new library feature is a smarter organizing tool called Collections, which replace the old Categories system. Collections are essentially Steam’s version of a Gmail filter. The buzzword for Collections is dynamic —you can create a collection by choosing from a variety of tags, say “RPG” and “multiplayer” and “controller support,” and Steam will automatically pull in all the games in your library. The dynamic bit is that Steam will add any future games you buy with those tags to the Collection, too.

If you already have categories set up, they’ll transfer over and become collections. You can also drag-and-drop games into collections manually, if you want, and add a “shelf” to your home screen to organize games in a way that suits you. For example, you could pin a collection of “local multiplayer” games to the home screen for easy access on your living room PC, or add a collection “unplayed” “indie” games to tempt you to try out something new whenever you open Steam.

This is awesome. I use categories extensively, so I’m glad they’ve integrated them into this system.
The only thing I’m wondering is if a game can belong to more than 1 collection.

That is an excellent question.

I hope so. I moved onto preferring the label system vs the folder system a long time ago, and you can usually have more than one label, or if they want to call it a tag, so be it.

I’m looking forward to this whole collection thing.

Microtrailers (short gif previews of gameplay when you hover over a title) are now available for every game. They’ve also added some additional filters for search, as well as the divisive infinite scroll.

Likely in relation to the collections feature, there has also been additional work on tags, and a preview of the next labs feature for game discovery, deep dive.

I haven’t tried this myself, but this might be of interest to some folks here:

The direct link to the tool that lets you import your games into Steam is here:

I may try this, but I am still getting familiar with GOG Galaxy 2.0 with all of its library imports which makes for a lot to take in and get comfortable with.

Library beta is live now.

Wow, this is pretty nice, actually.