Steam Stuff - What Has the Digital Distribution Giant Done Lately?

Yeah, this sounds like a really handy feature. Big improvement over the old family system.

The old one really wasn’t usable when it locked the entire library.

Bans are at the game level and (generally) lock you out of playing multiplayer. You aren’t going to lose your account because someone in your family share used an aimbot.

The child requested purchases are a nice feature too.

Right, you won’t lose your purchases, but VAC & game bans will make you a pariah in most gaming communities (if displayed on your profile). You will also lose your entire inventory of marketable game items if you have them.

I trust my family not to use multiplayer aimbots.

…but that ban stuff is a topic for another day :) steam families, yay!

I won’t trust mine, especially if they are young and competitive. My elderly parents probably NEED aimbots though because they can’t aim otherwise.

Finally. This is very exciting. Once the steam deck came out, it was a matter of time before they had to adopt the Android model.

Wait you can share with outside your home ip address?

Up to this point, this has always been true. Same with the banning and such - was always a thing. I think one of the biggest things this news points out is how many people didn’t know about and/or weren’t using family sharing already (possibly because of the below).

But this… this is new and is phenomenal.

I fired up a couple of older (but less than 10 years old) games recently and was surprised they didn’t have cloud saves waiting for me, namely Just Cause 3 and Homefront: The Revolution. Just Cause 4 did have a cloud save.

Not on Steam but on EGS for me–same thing happened with Horizon: Zero Dawn. I had to go hunt down the save files.

You made me mini-freak out for a second until I realized this is the Steam thread, not the Xbox thread. I don’t think I have any cloud saves on Steam that I’m attached to. None that I can think of anyway. The games I’ve played on Steam, I’ve played the hell out of them, and don’t need the saves anymore. And the rest are just my collection that I will one day install, maybe.

A lot of older Steam games don’t have cloud saves, sadly. I’ve found a workaround using symbolic links and Dropbox, but it’s less elegant.

Next fest time again in a week. Get a head start with the most recent demos:

Free Demos (

I found some good ones:

Here’s a fun demo that’s available from the upcoming Next Fest.

A presentation about the business side of Steam, including slides with numbers, woohoo!

Great talk, thanks for sharing.

Banana at this very moment is the third most “played” game on Steam.

Remember the Folding Ideas youtube essays, like Line goes up?
This game is a small biosphere of that.

Youtube vid about it:

OMG he put stock market speculation into a steam game. Plus… bitcoin mining when you autoclick bananas?