Steam Stuff - What Has the Digital Distribution Giant Done Lately?


Mobile also has ad blockers. And yeah lol hyperbole.


Oh right forgot about consoles, but yeah both iOS and Android allow ad-blockers on there.


I don’t watch other people play videogames so I don’t know offhand, but doesn’t the pihole work with twitch ads? It blocks most ads other than YouTube, which sends ads from the same domains as their video content.

I’ve had a pihole setup for a year or so now and strongly recommend it. Blocks ads inside apps and whatnot.


Not in app


Oh right forgot they have an app. Nevermind.


You can do system wide adblock in Android. Root = hosts file. Nonroot = block in an emulated VPN


Yes, that stuff works in iOS also, although Apple is starting to remove local VPNs from its store.


Huh this looks cool thanks. You just run a small linux box and treat it as your DNS server thingy then huh? Looks sweet to be honest, I have a spare box here. Hmm…


Yep, I run it in a linux container myself, but most people put it on a dedicated raspberry pi. Works great, and it even has a lovely UI.


In trying to find support for the Burnout Paradise remaster that came out today, I can’t overstate how well everything Steam does integrates with their platform. Instead of booting up and playing I’m having to deal with third party programs because the Dual Shock 4 isn’t natively supported. And I didn’t find confirmation on the Origin Burnout discussion forums – which aren’t linked from the game page mind you, I had to Google them – I found it on Reddit.


I believe you can use Steam Controller’s hooks on any game by adding a shortcut into Steam and launching it through Big Picture mode. And IIRC the DS4 works through Steam Controller and is also fully rebindable.

Steam has a whole ton of of random useful stuff. See also today’s Wine-enhancement on Linux


You don’t even have to launch through Big Picture mode anymore, which is extremely nice.


Yeah, their controller support is superb for folks like me who play local multiplayer and have lots of different controllers lying around. It’s so much less of a headache now and, yeah, fully customisable.


As far as I’ve seen so far, it works really well—my usual compatibility test is wargames, since they frequently use old or badly-supported graphical tricks, and Valve-Wine has passed with flying colors.


So this isn’t really NEW, but it’s new to me. Apparently you can stream to Steam, it’s in beta, and recently, added support for it.

It still seems REALLY basic right now. No titles or game tagging, but I’m gonna try it.


I’ve tried it once or twice and it worked fairly well. As you mentioned it is very basic. The trick is that it isn’t limited (or at least wasn’t at the time) to Steam games, it’s anything that’s running within the Steam overlay. Including for example, various media players.


Nononono, this isn’t streaming via the client, this is streaming via a program like OBS.


Oh, huh. That part I hadn’t heard about. Interesting. Definitely makes sense if they’re launching and going to position it as a Twitch competitor.




Steam has stopped auto updating for me. Whenever I log on, it will queue game updates for some 3:00am sort of time. I can manually start them, but it is a pain to even remember to go check for updates before I inevitably stumble on one when wanting to launch a game.

I checked the steam/settings/downloads settings and nothing looks out of place. This is a fairly recent change. Is there some bug or fix?