Steam Stuff - What Has the Digital Distribution Giant Done Lately?


Try Steam Beta? Damn thing is always updating itself and my games.


I believe there’s some way you can force individual games to immediately download patches, but you have to apply it on a per game basis. For me that’s completely impractical so I just get super irritated.


Yeah not a fan of this scattered update /timed stuff. I just click them all to start most the time. It’s been doing that for a bit now.


I just ignore it. Eventually it updates.


It’s not doing it at the moment, but my problem was that any time there were pending updates the taskbar icon for Steam would go yellow and having anything like that (notification badges, etc etc) sit around without dealing with it just drives me batty. (By that I mean it’s not going yellow at the moment - it’s still waiting to update stuff for no good reason.)


You’re very lucky then. It’s been like this for most people for at least a year.


Ew. Really!? I find it very annoying. It’s like finally settling in with dinner at the couch to realize that the PS needs a system update before you can start up Netflix. It is so annoying having update traps waiting to be stepped in (or having to go hunt for updates before you want to maybe do something).


God yeah. The worst thing about the UpdateStation 3 was the system updates.


I’m hoping someone can help me with a problem I am having with steam.

I have a handful of games in my account where when I exit the game steam will start uploading content (I assume save games or something). The trouble is that with some games it will cripple my internet for 2-5 minutes until it’s done. I have a ADSL2 connection which doesn’t exactly have fast internet but I have never come across this issue before with any application other than a small subset of steam games (except when I am uploading a youtube video or something).

I am guessing it has to do with steam cloud, is there no recourse but to disable it? You can’t specifically throttle upload bandwidth with steam either.


You can disable cloud saves for individual games. Each game has Properties:


I love you @sillhouette, thank you!


For some reason I had a great deal of trouble with Unexplored hanging, but removing Steam cloud saves did the trick.


Here’s something they’ve done lately! Regional pricing for Au…

Ugh, it’s like Amazon all over again. :P

GOG in the Year of our Lord 2018

84 out of the 234 (I know) games on my wishlist are currently unavailable to buy. I guess that’s one way of cutting down my wishlist backlog! Presumably this will get fixed over time as devs / publishers realise that they’re losing a couple of sales each week from Australia.


Well at least some of the early victims like Ori and the Blind Forest eventually got updated with an AUD price, so I guess it’ll just take a while for everyone to catch up. Decided to wait and see how the change to AUD would affect the price of Total War: Warhammer II and if I was going to make use of the 50% off coupon I might as well have bought it before the changeover.


Regarding the steam change, there are some unavailable games on my wishlist too (including Cults and Daggers, hint hint). Mostly I am just relieved that it seems like most games are using a straight USD to AUD conversion and not doing nasty markups for us. Of course, if our dollar ever reaches parity again I will not be holding my breath to see developers update the AUD prices.


Yeah I was totally expecting this to happen too!

Great news that I’ll be able to buy stuff from Amazon US again, even if it excludes 3rd party goods for now.


Out of curiosity, can someone explain to me what the deal is with Australia and video games? Over the years I have seen the occasional comments about how expensive or how games are unavailable for people in Australia.


It’s very expensive to deliver the bits to such a distant land, and the journey is fraught with peril.


One egregarious scenario is with 2K games and the shit they pulled with certain Firaxis games on release. While we paid in USD, the prices were often adjusted to account for Australian markets, so there would be a disparity in prices between Australian steam store and US steam store, despite selling the same product for the same currency. The games I’m thinking of were XCom and Beyond Earth. With Beyond Earth, the publisher actually changed the price from US$50 to US$90. Then add in conversion rate on top, and suddenly it becomes a very expensive game while pissing off a lot of people.

It happens. People complain, but still buy the product.

As for games not being available, that’s censorship, lack of “R” rating and politics. That’s a google search job because it too has been well documented, unless someone wants to articulate better than I can.