Steam Stuff - What Has the Digital Distribution Giant Done Lately?

Because home is for fun times and work is for tedious times, and entering keys is tedious.

How do you actually get to that page without memorizing the URL? I don’t see any reference to it on

I couldn’t find any link from within Steam’s site either, which is weird, so I just bookmarked it.

You can initiate installs remotely via the Steam website if you have the computer and client running at home.

I’ve had some trouble with that, but I’m not sure if it is because I install Steam games across 4 hard drives.

Cool. Steam’s ports are blocked at work, so I’ve been using a VPN to activate keys. Will be more convenient to do it via their website.


Same for me, I’m not going to install the steam client at work. This makes my life so much easier. No more todos and emails reminding myself to put in keys once I get home.

I was sad when they took away the button to link a steam key to your account on humble bundle. That little bit of tech that everyone hated because it made key trading so much harder was a real boon for ease of key activation. Since Humble had another button to get a link to send to a friend it was the best of both worlds too!

Great news, and great idea for a thread. It will be handy every 4 or 5 years when Steam actually does something.

They actually do stuff a biiiiiiiiiit more often than that. I’m eagerly awaiting their revamp of the curator system, because my curator page is doing pretty well, shockingly.

I’m picturing this in a comic strip where the last panel is the heat death of the universe.

Ha ha Tim, you are truly a curmudgeon’s curmudgeon. Were it in my power, I’d give you some kind of award or tag, today you are winner!

The funny thing is I don’t even care. My brain just can’t help pointing at quirky little companies like Valve. I guess it’s my Oregon Trail generation upbringing. Cynical enough to laugh, not cynical enough to get angry about it.

Now see, this is why I can’t help but love you man. We are scooter brothers!

Oh man, I forgot I had a scooter. A giant effing thing, not like these stupid razor toys the kids have now.

Still waiting for proper DPI scaling before I can really use the client. And no, big picture mode is not a solution. I’ll probably grow as old as you guys before that happens.

Digital gift cards are here!

And thus the Qt3 Secret Santa game was ruined ;-)