Steam Stuff - What Has the Digital Distribution Giant Done Lately?


I have never seen them either. They’re probably just basing it off @KristiGaines’s search history.


I rarely ever see them listed, gotta filter out Anime and Visual Novels. ;)


I was not aware you can search by wishlist popularity.


This is cool except… everything is at or near retail or not released yet. I guess that would explain why so many wishlist these titles instead of just buying it.


This looks great for your Paradoxes and sim games that end up with a huge pile of DLC to sort through.


That’s a lot of games!


Almost as many as you!


How many games were published in 1990 for example versus 2018? Be interesting to see if digital platforms had a huge impact on the number published.


LK I may ask a favor of Far Cry 5…


Valve is hard at work on Half life 3


Oh, a huge impact.

7,672 games were released on Steam in 2017.
4,207 games were released on Steam in 2016
2,964 games that were released in 2015
1,772 that were released in 2014
Only 565 games were released in 2013.


Cross-posting from the Epic Store thread:

Valve giving a public reminder of what that extra 18% is getting devs. This kind of signals to me that they won’t be lowering their take in the near future.


We continued to work on our disaster recovery plan so Steam doesn’t go under if our main data center is hit by a meteorite.

This alone has to cost 18%! Wonder what EPIC store’s plan is for such a disaster?



Wow 15.39 exabytes of bandwidth in 2018.


To pay Amazon to worry about that.


Yeah I posted in the Epic thread but Valves statement there is a very long note describing everything they do except the bit developers care about. Marketing and UA dollars.


They did say they’re “working on” a new recommendation engine, which I think is the most valuable thing for discovery. I’m not going to hold my breath, but it’s at least recognition of the problem.



Interesting. As far as I can tell Valve offer by far the most feature-packed, comprehensive service on the market. I suppose there is nothing they could do to deserve that 25/30% in the eyes of those 94% of devs.

So all that remains is waiting for Epic to match Steam’s quality and quantity of service (surely coming sometime before 2030) and hoping Valve lowers the cut in response. Oh and denying customers best service by doing epic exclusives in the meantime.


And yet:

Of the developers who sold their games on Steam, 55% reported that Valve’s storefront accounted for 75% or more of their sales.

If they don’t think Valve earns the money, go somewhere else, but we know most of them won’t because… 75%.