Steam Stuff - What Has the Digital Distribution Giant Done Lately?



Half of my games have updates queued. I’m sure they’re almost all the 0 kb downloads, too.


Hmm. Same here. Not half, but a number.


Zero size updates happen when the metadata gets updated. Valve must have changed something in the structure that affects everyone.


Yeah, seems like the case. 309 updates/688 games installed for me.


This must be the most common reason for bumping this thread!


I suspect these maybe driven by 3rd party driver updates and Windows OS updates than a desire by Valve. But thats just a guess.

It sure is freaky though. I just got an update for a game thats been abandoned for two years.

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More like high supply and no way to reduce it.

I think the only three ways to make it now are the AAA model if you’re in the top 20, the Paradox/Arcsys model if you’re a specialty genre (and yes, the models for Stellaris and Dragonball Fighter Z are pretty much identical) , or the indie lotto.

The middle model has the least risks but requires the most talent.

The first two models have people wanting your new content no matter what, either because it’s the hot mass-market thing or because they’re starved for content that they want, the last is just hoping your game goes viral and you can perhaps move into the second category with your next game.


I disagree with your supply conclusion but I really like the way you summarised the tiers of devs here. Feels right in the Steam context.


I didn’t have ANY updates. I went Epic. They don’t have updates over there.

(just kidding – almost 70 updates here)


Wow, my wishlist is radically different to the “average” one.

Though I did just add Desperados 3 after seeing it on there!

Well, practically every “feature” Valve release is completely half-baked and then abandoned. They’re a lot like google in that regard. Also like google: they have abysmal customer support.

The main app’s UI hasn’t been updated in ages, and I don’t mean a fancy 2.0 overhaul or anything, I mean in terms of fixing some of the bugs or adding more, useful features.

Granted, they’re not all massive problems, but there’s enough low-hanging fruit that a well implemented client and store front could see a big swing in what consumers are willing to put up with.


Man, people really have all those games installed?

I usually have only 6-10 games installed, and even then I feel I have too many, because I usually only play 1-3 at any time.


A very interesting article from Polygon.

I say ‘interesting’, because some parts are insightful not only in bad things done by Valve, but also how some developers are ignorant of how Steam works.


It’s amazing how the 2nd most wishlisted game right now on Steam is Metro Exodus.


Key words being “well implemented”, which is descriptive of precisely none of the other clients people are trying to push so far.


I use a 2TB spinning disk for games. No reason to uninstall stuff I am not currently playing.


lol - yep. I have the hard drive space, so why not?


Using reviews as a means to get attention is not unique to Steam or even gaming. It’s especially prone when a customer thinks they can’t get support otherwise. The complaints about customer reviews is pretty revealing.


Yeah it sounds reasonable until you start thinking of the examples you know from real life. Reviews generally get support-bombed when the dev doesn’t care, or has moved on to other games.


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