Steam Stuff - What Has the Digital Distribution Giant Done Lately?


It’s accurate.


It’s also amusing to see someone complaining about a stereotype by invoking a stereotype.


I’ve also seen “incel” thrown around, and had to google it. Surprised some people finds that acceptable.


Not exactly sure what you mean but my limited exposure to the term gave me the impression it’s a self-applied label, not an insult. I could be wrong though.


Calling someone out as involuntarily celibate has been an insult as long as I’ve been alive, certainly, although typically phrased differently.

These days it’s also an online movement of mens rightsy women haters who feel they aren’t getting laid because a cabal of women is against them.


Well yeah, in high school. Haven’t seen this one being self-applied, though I may be wrong.


Sure, but I thought incel was a specific online community that called themselves that.


“Hello, fellow human! I have received word that you remain celibate for reasons beyond your control! I shall now bask in the humor of this observation while you stand awkwardly mute.”


Correct. “Incel” was originally a self-named grouping of “involuntary celibates” that wanted to turn it into a badge of honor. I think it morphed recently into a general insult when the wider world found out about the community.


It’s not actually all that funny, because the wider world found out about the community when one of them murdered a bunch of people.


Appropriateness is a social construct. Social groups don’t stand on any principle like respect toward others. They just pick the terms and groups they like and don’t like.


Edit: holy shit what thread am I even in.


I wasn’t complaining about a stereotype though. As a gamer, that whole gamer-gate thing was embarrassing. It’s about gamers being narrow minded and showing a lack of empathy.


Reason #864 that I prefer to buy my games on Steam. Playing the Tropico 6 beta, I noticed there was a sale on Tropico 4.

checks Steam account
Odd, not on game list. I could swear I played that. If not perhaps I should.
looks at screenshots
Bugger me I own that game
looks on Humble account
looks on GoG account
looks on GreenManGaming account
looks at Direct2Drive account
Fuck it. I will load up Tropico 5 instead
OCD kicks in
I must know
looks through 10-odd years of emails
Bugger me
looks up Amazon account
goes to download
Dead link


Why not just search through all your email? Assuming you use gmail, searching is extremely fast. That’s what I do.


Hell, I do that to find things I know I bought on Amazon.


Don’t you guys have Excel spreadsheets?


How is Black Desert still in the top 5 sold on Steam? I don’t get this. At all. Are the lists accurate and whats the difference between ‘Top Selling’ and ‘What’s Popular’?


Top Selling is just local list for your country, those can be a bit wonky sometimes for small countries. “Global top sellers” is the global (duh) list.

I think “what’s popular” is based on the number of players, no idea whether it’s the current number or the peak for the last 24h.


Hmm, I’m in the US so that means BDO has been a top seller for years here? I thought it might have something to do with Korean or Chinese markets churning thru accounts, but I guess not. Very odd, imo.


It’s ten bucks, pretty, and hitting the terrible survival crafting zeitgeist.