Steam Stuff - What Has the Digital Distribution Giant Done Lately?

Not for what this thread was created but… I have some technical issues with Steam.

I just bought a Steam Link, to toy around with it a bit. I was having some problems setting it up… and I noticed now it isn’t a Steam Link problem, but a Big Picture problem, as it happens the same running Big Picture from my local computer directly.


Can you know what options are checked? I can’t. I select one and click click nothing happens.
I googled this problem but without no luck for now. Am I really the only one with this issue??

EDIT: Fixed!. The solution? Switch to the Steam beta version. Now to see if this has solved the problem with the x360 controller, as I had problems getting a onscreen keyboard.

Sorry, porn fans.

I do think they need to figure out what the heck they’re doing re: potentially adult games, but just not allowing the developers to link to a patch on Steam that’s already being distributed elsewhere is not that big a deal. Just slightly less convenient for people that want that stuff. I’d be more concerned if the policy was that they can’t offer a restorative patch.

That last one couldn’t really be enforced, as someone could just call it a “mod”

I didn’t know what other thread this would go in but…

After all these years I just realized that I can double click on a game in the Steam client library list to run it.

I also did not know that.

Insert speechless gif. I don’t think I’ve ever actually clicked the play buttons.

I didn’t know that either. But I don’t see how double clicking will be an upgrade over right clicking and selecting play, or just clicking on play or whatever I do now.

Err, it’s faster.

I can’t tell if this is legit, or a joke that we all buy games but never play them…

It’s only relevant the first time you start a game anyway though. After that, I just right click on the steam icon in the system tray and select the game from there, which launches it. That’s much faster than expanding steam, and going to the library and finding the game.

You probably blew someone else’s mind just now.

It would have blown my mind, if I didn’t have a shit-ton of Steam games. How does that system tray option work if you’ve got hundreds of installed games?

It only lists the last five games you played. That’s why I said the double click thing was only relevant the first time I played the game. You need to play it once (and/or install it) for it to show up in that five games listed. After that, you just select it from there. So Grim Dawn is perpetually in that list for me, for example, because I play it a lot, and I don’t need to expand steam to find it. Even if I played other stuff on steam, it still will be one of the last five games I launched on steam, more than likely.

But what if the game you want to play isn’t in the last five games you played?

Then you need to open up steam and find it. And double click on it, I suppose.

I think I’m just as likely to need to do that as not. I tend to have a dozen or so games on the go at a time, if you include perennial dip-in games like DotA and CoH and ATS/ETS.

I just let Steam put shortcuts on my desktop and click those. I would not want to have to dig through my games list to find the one I am actually looking for.

You can tweak this. In the interface section of the Steam option you can define what shows up in the jump list, and everything you remove provides another line that can be used for recent games. I only keep a few things that I find frustrating to get to through the client (like Screenshots) selected, the rest are “recent” games. And I PIN the games I’m actively playing, as well.

The only problem with jump lists is some games, like Nioh I believe I read, but for sure BioShock Infinite, provide additional options when launched from the Library such as options or benchmark utilities. If you launch a game from a desktop shortcut or a jump list, you don’t get that prompt.

How did you…I mean it’s right…it’s a thing you can…I mean it’s…just…what?