STEAM SUMMER SALE 2017, June 22-July 5

Don’t know firsthand, but apparently these are the rumored dates this year. Looking forward to spending way too much money on games I might play!

Did I miss it, or was there no spring sale this year?

In preparation of the sale , I did some crazy wishlist cleaning, going from 430 down to 245. Probably still a few games on there I’ll never play even if I do buy them, heh.

Yes, I like this. Obvious Rogue One Summer Sale spoilers.

My wish list for this sale (hopefully these thresholds won’t be met, since I’m not ready for more games right now):

The Long Journey Home <= $10
theHunter: Call of the Wild <= $10
Black Mesa <= $5
NuMOO <= $5
House of the Dying Sun <= $5
Eterium <= $3
Sid Meier’s Starships <= $3
Talos Principle <= $5

Dude, this JUST came out. C’mon now.

Talos Principle for under $5 would be great though. Had that on my wishlist for, like, ever.

Oh, this is still too much for this one.

It’s worth $10-15 if it includes the DLC. Fantastic game.

It looks awesome and I fully intend to get it, it just hasn’t reached the price where my finger hits the “Buy Now” button of its own volition.

I’ll set aside $20 and no more. I might go to $25 if Nier: Automata goes that low, which it won’t.

I am hoping to get the warhammer race packs for a bit less.

That’s my plan too.

All I want is basically Order of Battle and Borderlands 2 DLC.

Same here, or as I call it a reasonable price.

Yeah, it’s kind of expensive. I don’t think they are over charging - each race pack has a lot going for it (new quests, new units, new heroes, new mechanics, new equipment and loot, and even a stand alone campaign) but it’s still kind of a tough pill to swallow.

Kerbal Space Program

Wolfenstein: The New Order
Total War: Shogun 2
Microsoft Flight Simulator X
Mad Max
Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag
Rayman Legends

There are a few others on my wish list that I would probably bite on if the price was low enough, but those are the ones that I’m interested in.

Mad Max has been $5 on Bundle Stars and other sites a few times. So even if it doesn’t get that low on the Steam sale it should be easy to find at the price soon enough.

This year, on Steam games Armando Penblade will stupidly buy on sale even though he is unlikely to ever play a digital game to completion again:

FFIX - $5 (completing collection)
The Long Journey Home - $20
Highlands - $2.50
Lethis: Path of Progress - $5
Pixel Privateers - $3.00
Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky SC - $10
Cosmic Star Heroine - $5
Civilization VI - $20
Tormentor X Punisher - $2

I really dunno what price would make me jump on the other 45 games on my wishlist. I guess free? Huh.

Add me to the Warhammer race pack waiting list.