STEAM SUMMER SALE 2017, June 22-July 5


I thought this was the Econ 101 thread?


Not anymore. ;)


I hope you’re right, but I’m not exactly a Bethesda fan, so keep that in mind. ;)


PC Gamers have the benefit of intense, huge competition though- which gives them more power than consumers have in most industries. This is why Steam has been trying so hard to keep prices up- I think they have a genuine fear that a price war will kill a lot of good developers and do real harm, and I think that fear is justifiable. The pressure, particularly on indie developers, is intense.

I think Valve’s plan is counterproductive due to simple substitution effects and income effects. I believe lower game prices tend to make people spend more on games, it just gets spread around more- then again, that does mean less deserving developers would get more of the spoils. That said, this wouldn’t hurt Steam much- as I think the truly great games would still do very well, and Valve would get more money.

While Paradox’s price hikes this doesn’t impact me, it furthers my sense that Paradox is not a company I should be looking forward to much good from in the future. I still like the developers at Paradox, but as a publisher they’re getting close to EA-tier right now in terms of providing value for my money. I compare them to certain other companies where you may not get what you want at release, but you get real value eventually.


Patient gamer here.

My wishlist includes:

Age of Empires II
Twilight Struggle
The Sexy Brutale
Zafehouse Diaries

Not that I’m particularly frugal, I just don’t have much time so games are likely to become part of my collection, rather than games I play a lot. So I don’t tend to spend much on them.

Anything on this list anyone would talk me out of?


I’d like to talk you into Invisible Inc, Twilight Struggle and The Sexy Brutale, which are all tremendous. I guess I’d talk you out of Age of Empires III on the grounds that II is better, but that’s a matter of taste.


Well damn, way to be subtle, Steam.


You know, you could save tons of space in your bookmarks bar by removing “Useful” and shortening a lot of those names. Very inefficient use of space.


Especially by one so partial to space.


He’s a Space Game junkie but not a space junkie, it seems.


Brubin wants to F space, but like, he doesn’t respect space.

He comes up on space in the club like “hey baby, I love you, hit up my crib and check out my CH Flightstick Pro”, then after he macks through that Oort cloud spilling plasma everywhere and primes his fusion thrusters straight up in space’s quasar does her communicator ever ring? No it don’t. Space may not hear you scream but it’s also cold up in there. Truth.


Does he use tabs or spaces?


In space, no one can hear you tab.


The answer to that may cost him half his audience.


I knew, I KNEW you fuckers would jump on my work bookmarks. It’s called a workflow you animals.



…to distinguish from unuseful tools, information, etc.

I don’t know, Brian, the snipping tool is fairly precise. Methinks thou doth protest too much.


Ok, take that to P&R before it gets ugly.



Its the only way forward!


I do not know what that means, sir.