STEAM SUMMER SALE 2017, June 22-July 5


I knew, I KNEW you fuckers would jump on my work bookmarks. It’s called a workflow you animals.



…to distinguish from unuseful tools, information, etc.

I don’t know, Brian, the snipping tool is fairly precise. Methinks thou doth protest too much.


Ok, take that to P&R before it gets ugly.



Its the only way forward!


I do not know what that means, sir.


Sorry. CamelCase a coding style. Can help you get compressed meaning without spaces. Mainly used for variables & such but can also be used for bookmarks in browsers.


Ohhhh, is that what they call that? Cool!


Tabs vs spaces, CamelCase vs underscore_case. Next we’ll have vi vs Emacs. It’s a programming flame war parade!



Pfft. The answer is joe, obviously.


Man did this thread go off track.

Let’s hear more of what’s on people’s wish lists, maybe?


I have some views about Visual Studio and Xcode I would like to share.

@Papageno woops sorry. I will back out .


I primarily want Parkitect, but it won’t go on sale while it’s in early access, the devs have said. Besides that, I just want some DLC for games I already own, like Order of Battle or Borderlands 2.


@Rod_Humble it’s not as serious as all that. :-) I was kind of joking, and I’m not a Mod or anything, so my yammerings should be given very little weight.


Only 4 specials this week on Steam, what could it mean? :p


If your views on Xcode involve ragging on it, Rod, I would join in a new thread for that.

As far as Steam wishlists go, I don’t have much this time. I’m in the middle of Warframe and Dirt 4, both of which will eat a lot of my games time, and in any event my gaming budget is going mostly toward saving for new innards for my desktop.


Does stuff like Gamemakerstudio 2 ever go on sale? I wanted to tool around in it a bit, but 93 Euros is a bit steep to do so.


GameMaker 1 was in a Humble Bundle. And yes, non-game software goes on sale on Steam too.


Thanks - I’ll look for it then in this sale :-)


I’m not sure GMS2 will be on sale yet, didn’t it just release 3 months ago? And in a bit of a sorry state, if you believe Steam user reviews.