STEAM Summer Sale 2018


Silly goose, you don’t make time to play the games, you make time to buy new games. Because acquiring games is the best game.



Damage today:

The Long Dark
Hearts of Iron IV
Dying Light
OOTP Baseball 19
Franchise Hockey Manager 4


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Excellent choice. I encourage others to pick up these two games as well, they are some of the best RPG experiences available today, both at the forefront of their respective niches.


On the wishlist discussion further up - I try to keep my wishlist within 50 titles, and will clear out the least interesting games as time goes on. I use it primarily to alert me of discounts on games I’m interested in but not willing to pay full price for. That usually means I’m waiting for a discount to <$10 for indies or DLC, or <$20 for AA/AAA games (and, aiming for complete editions with all DLC).

There are relatively few games I’ll buy at full price anymore, maybe one per year, and I usually regret doing so (e.g. Far Cry 5 - decent but definitely wait for a discount). I’m strictly single-player focused, so the bug stomping, visual upgrades in definitive editions, and deep discounting of base+DLC that come with time far outweigh the only two motivations to buy early - wanting to enjoy the multiplayer base in the early days, and wanting to be caught up in the general buzz (in a forum, for example).

When a good sale of a single title comes up, I’ll normally pull the trigger without hesitating. For larger Steam sales, I pretty much just sort by price and take the most titles that add up to ~$50. I’ll skip some sales if my backlog of unplayed games is too large. But, I’ll also cull my backlog mercilessly - I try to give each game 5-10 hours and if it doesn’t deeply grip me I chuck it. Longer games (RPGs, open world) often get chucked as soon as they feel like a chore or grind - I just gave up on Far Cry 5 at about 20 hours and I’d guess 2/3 through. Once I delete a game from my backlog I very rarely every try it again, unless some really compelling post or article piques my interest again. This keeps my list of installed games limited to a half dozen mostly PDX and management/colony games I rotate through endlessly, and about as many new titles that I’m waiting to sample/finish. I never feel bad about deleting a game from my backlog after 5-10 hours, given I spent so little on it and the gems’ price/value more than makes up for it. There are too many good games to feel obliged to complete a long one that cost as much as a cheap meal out. As others have noted, with time I’ve come to care more about good experiences in well designed packages, rather than games that just fluff hours and hours of play for no good reason except making the value ratio look better (I don’t include aforementioned PDX/management games in this category!).

Oh, right, this is about what’s on sale. I picked up:

  • Transistor
  • Absolute Drift
  • SteamWorld Heist
  • The Turing Test
  • Deus Ex: Mankind Divided - Digital Deluxe Edition
  • EVERSPACE™ - Ultimate Edition
    Total: $49.09


You might want to refund that one. It’s in a bundle cheaper than the sale:


Wow, Metal Gear Solid V Definitive Edition is WAY WAY cheaper than MGS V Phantom Pain. What a rip - off if you are not careful


Heh, it’s true. I am losing at his particular game. Is someone gave me 10k right now to buy nothing but steam games with, not sure i even know that many games to buy.


I think the same thing when I see @BrianRubin’s wishlist numbers. I couldn’t find that many games I wanted if I really tried.


If you have any interest in Cold War subs and liked Red Storm Rising buy it immediately. It’s a game I keep coming back to. They also recently added the South China Seas - free.


Very mild damage here, because of an unfortunate happening: I bought Battle Brothers as I was planning to, but I did not get it to work under Wine (actually, since the latest Steam update, the Valve client itself has been quite troublesome to get to run).
Heartbroken, I asked for a refund.
I grabbed The Cat Machine, Thaumistry and RPGolf — that last one is really, really junky, quite the amateurish effort. And I also bought the newly released Fanatic character for One Deck Dungeon.
Total amount: 7.52€


I’ve bought two games and I’m done, they are the best games on steam though, @Left_Empty will realize this soon:


I’ve been hesitant to buy anything on my backlog now that I’m on the Humble Monthly Bundle plan.

So far all I’ve picked up is Slay the Spire. Hmm…


Yikes, this could be a painful sale for my wallet. 13 wishlist items on sale, and most of them are ones I really want, and/or are unlikely to be discounted much more.

Likely purchases:
Getting Over It
Tooth and Tail
Gold Rush
Space Tyrant
Deep Sixed
TW: Warhammer 2

Possible guilty purchase:
Aerofly FS2 Orbx Innsbruck Airport


Depends what you’re looking for. If you want a content creation tool to make really nice looking rides and parks (or just download them from modders), it’s fantastic. The game part is merely OK, though.


Steam games are the beanie babies of the 2010s.


Ew. No. You can’t resell Steam games to idiots like you could with Beanie Babies.


When steam had me look at the games I bought on Steam last month, it was a pretty stark reminder that I’ve played almost none of the games I’ve bought directly from Steam. So it is a little bit like Beanie Babies. No one played with them, right? Only collected them.

But you’re right Brian, you could resell them, whereas you can’t resell your steam games. You just have to lament the fact that you bought them and never played them.


I can’t recall where exactly I read it, but there was an article about book collectors and how building a collection even if you couldn’t read it all still had meaning. What does your Steam collection say about you?


Also, can you pass on your steam collection to your kids upon death? Or does it die with you?