STEAM Summer Sale 2018


All right, right now I’ve got sitting in my cart, waiting for me to pull the trigger:

Starpoint Gemini 2 Gold
Space Food Truck
Spintires Mudrunners (thanks for the $3 heads up)
Else Heart.Break()
Her Majesty’s Spiffing
American Truck Simulator
Mini Ghost
Next Jump: Shmup Tactics
J.U.L.I.A.: Among the Stars
Aliens Colonial Marines
Sacred Gold

Just waiting to see if I flip on one or more of these. And don’t bother trying to talk me out of Aliens Colonial Marines, I’ve been curious about it forever and at $2.99, it’s finally at a price I can live with.


I’ve been slightly tempted by ACM as well, but only because the TemplarGFX mod is supposed to be excellent and basically turns it into a closer approximation of what the game could have been. I’ve never bitten because I figured there’s only so much polishing a turd can take, but for 3 bucks it might be worth a look.

Mini Ghost is awesome. I actually played it far more than Ghost 1.0 (and completed it). But then I like simpler things.

I enjoyed J.U.L.I.A. a lot, it’s quite a challenge towards the end where you have to bring together a lot of disparate bits of evidence to solve the mystery. Very good atmosphere for what’s essentially a point and click game.

I never played the original Sacred, but my mum rates it highly! Sacred 2 has a number of engine and UI improvements, but my mum (who is an expert on Sacred) tells me it’s a bit more linear than S1. Also, S1 is vast, which is why she was still playing it after a year. And when I say “a year” I don’t mean dipping in and out every so often. I mean playing it every single day (she’s retired) and maxing out every character class.


It was fine on release. Internet complaint was the usual wibbling.


So the Steam Store page has been frozen on my PC for several hours now. I can check my Library page so I know it’s just not my connection.


Stuff that didn’t go on sale that I’m keeping on my wishlist for now:

Yeah I suspect that Elder Scrolls 6 and Civilization 7 will go discounted sales before Factorio and Rimworld do… :( (unless you count the early access price points as discounted sales)


Well I picked up 3 Games, think I’m done…

Shadow of War - Gold Edition
Metal Gear Solid V - The Definitive Experience

Very happy with all of the above. :)


Exactly $30…


I’m pretty sure this is what I’ll be getting, just gonna sleep on it a bit first.


Dammit @BrianRubin I had completely forgotten about Particle Fleet Emergence.



Is so good, you buy, yes?


So far:
Spintires Mudrunner (appreciate the head’s up on this deal!)
ATS: New Mexico DLC
TWS: Great Western Express DLC

Debating on getting a survival game like ARK or Conan Exiles. If I’m mostly playing solo, Conan is the better choice, right?


Conan was getting a lot of negative recent steam reviews, not sure why, someone who plays might want to chime in.


Can someone talk to me about Shadowhand?


I was tempted until I saw this portion of a review. Is this accurate? Sounds lame:

The only problem with all this is that the game PUNISHES you for using your own ships. Yes, that’s right, the game treats you trying to use your own fleet as other games treat ‘cheat mode’. If you beat a level with your own fleet the game will not put a time nor a checkmark next to the level, i.e. it pretends like you didn’t beat it. It is even worse in the campaign where if you use your ships you can’t move on to the next mission until you beat it with the default ships. It is utterly incomprehensible why the game would go to so much effort to make you able to build your own ships only to make it such that not only are never rewarded for doing so but punished for it.


Agents of Mayhem seemed worth a try for $8, or whatever it was. I had to get the deluxe version, of course, to get the Safeword Agent pack, so more like $12. Still.


$12 is pushing it for Agents of Mayhem.

I still think Tom got a secret bribe gift delivery of his favorite snacks from the offices of Volition, before writing his review / making it his personal game of the year for 2017.


I wouldn’t want to talk you out of Shadowhand (if you like these type of card games).


I’m getting Shadowhand mostly to support Cliffski, who I adore.


Ugh I forgot about Shadowhand, hmmm, dare I get it and Slay the Spire? Can I handle 2 card games at the same time? D:


Shadowhand is great, if you like solitaire games. I was also a fan of Regency Solitaire though.