STEAM Summer Sale 2018


DON’T DO IT. DON’T. Seriously, just don’t. It’s boring and terrible. Do yourself a favor and get this instead.


It sounds like I may be better off going the route @Scott_Lufkin suggested, sticking with the base game at half the price. It’s unlikely I’ll mod the game up much, and I won’t have the time to play it through multiple times. On the other hand, I dislike missing out on content added to the base game via DLC (i.e. game mechanics, NPCs, story, etc). I’ll let it settle for a bit and see which side of the fence I fall on. I really think it’s time to knock FO4 from my wishlist.


Get the mod where the Settlers rebuild things automagically unless you’re super into base building yourself. Big atmosphere improvement.


I am not 100% sure, but I think all that is added is new areas/quests and not new mechanics or anything that changes the game. Just extra stuff in the game world, basically. But there is already a ton of things to explore and experiences to have for just that $15. Money well spent.

Let me double check.

Far Harbor - sounds like a new area on the map, a huge extra land mass to explore. Neat! But no changes to the game, just more stuff. Good reviews though.

Nuka World - sounds like another area to visit, not as big as Far Harbor, and getting mixed reviews. Hm.

Vault-Tec Workstop - Wow, very negative reviews. People must think it’s a huge waste of money/time? More stuff to build in your settlements, I assume. Settlement magagement is mostly why I can’t get back into the game again.

I may have to look into the mod @Lantz mentioned while I was typing this up, maybe.

Contraptions - Also negative reviews, also more building stuff. Is this the Sims!? :)

Atomatron - This seems to change the game a bit by adding an event where robots are more frequently encountered and drop crafting bits to upgrade power armor and build your own robots. Seems neat, getting good reviews.

Nothing (maybe Far Harbor) really does much for me, personally, but YMMV.


There’s various options on how independent you want to let the settlers be:


I did grab that.


The fonts are so tiny and I think I would be horrible at the arcade parts but thanks for the suggestion @BrianRubin and the ⚠️s
@SlainteMhath and @Granath


One thing I read is that the two good DLCs will cause you to spend more than GOTY price, and that a lot of mods require the DLC for one reason or another.


Yep, the DLC have rarely been discounted much to the point where I’m considering getting the GOTY version even though I have the main game.


I’m emerging from my post -CFA culture shock, so I picked up Max Payne 3 (@tomchick had counter recommended it a few videos ago). 2/3s of the way through and it holds up so well. There’s even a Manhunt Easter Egg too.

My next pick-up will be Pit People I think.


Well, y’all flipped me from base FO4 to the GoTY edition and it’s a done deal. And wow, that settlers mod sounds amazing to keep the micromanagement down, even though I’m not usually one for modding games. Time to head over to the FO4 thread. Thanks for all the tips.


Get the FO4 DLC, which you already did. :)

I’m pretty sure Far Harbor added another companion, more perk levels to certain perks, as well as more Legendary modifiers to gear. Also a few new different type of weapons, armor, mobs. Plus some more perks depending on which faction you choose to help or not.


If this is true, now I want to pick it up ($15 for just Far Harbor). I wonder if that Settlement mod would work with only Far Harbor installed. I have $34 left, I guess I could pick up the season pass but I kind of want to grab Hollow Knight and War for the Overlord as well. Decisions.


Played about five hours or so, the story was actively annoying me and main reason I stopped IIRC.


Far Harbor was a pretty good area. Even the story wasn’t bad.


I do know you can set up supply lines from Far Harbor to the Commonwealth, as well as send settlers between them all, without the use of mods.


Very true. Much better than the main story, imho.


Fair enough. Thanks for letting me know!


Human Head updated the original Rune to support DirectX 11 and Windows 10.


You would not. I am old, and I can handle them. They’re… relaxing arcadey parts. Also, there is controller support, if that helps.

He did increase the tutorial text size (at my request, actually), not sure if the screenshots you’re seeing involve that.

Anyway, this is very much an acquired taste, but its quirky good space fun for me. And a 125 page manual!