STEAM Summer Sale 2018


I only grabbed one game this sale:

Slay the Spire

This might have slipped under my radar, but due to the overwhelming positive feedback here, I am glad I noticed and grabbed it. Lots of fun!

Thanks Qt3!


Only two this summer: For the King, which my SO and I are enjoying (well as much as we can during the east coast heat wave) and with 15 minutes left … Slay the Spire (turns out, Qt3 hivemind is a thing after all.)


I bought two games… meant to study it more a couple of days ago but… hey thing happen.

Zeus / Poseidon and For the King. I’ve played one a bit, Zeus, because I never finished it the first time through. I’ll get to the other.


Have played and like:
Dominions V
Rogue State
Beat Cop
1979 Revolution: Black Friday

Haven’t played yet
Oriental Empires
Legends of Eisenwald

So I was actually not disappointed with my choices this year. Thanks to all of you for helping me learn to be a better consumer.


I am trying not to play anything else I bought during the sale until tomorrows Humble reveals.


Those are happening tonight just after midnight, aren’t they (for me they did, anyway, last time I didn’t pause)? I did pause this time, so my interest is purely academic.


Nope, the humble store page has a 13+ hour countdown timer on it, so we gotta wait.


Silly me, you’re right. The midnight thing was for charging my card, not for revealing the bonus games.


I only bought one thing… this collection…

Just don’t really have time for anything atm. I did buy the Williams/Bally tables I wanted before they were gone from Pinball Arcade, but none of that was on sale.


So what’d I end up with - biggest haul in a few of the sales, tho not over the top:

Mad Max (finished that yesterday - mostly enjoyed)
Ghost Recon: Wildlands (just into the third area - enjoying so far)
Agents of Mayhem
Middle Earth: Shadow of War

I think all that was ~ $50. So 5 games for the price of one. I’ll take it.


I only bought Age of Wonders 3 with DLC.

Pinball Arcade seasons 6 & 7 too, so Steam still got me for almost 100$.

I messed up thinking yesterday was the last day of the sale. Oh well, didn’t need more games anyways :) There were a few Picross-ish puzzlers in my cart, but I’ll just replay Hungry Cat & the 3D series instead. Those were great.


Not a sausage for me, this time 'round.

I’ve decided, with a backlog as large as mine, there’s no point in adding to it for anything over CAD$10.00. And there wasn’t anything compelling me at super-crazy-low prices, so I was able to keep it in my pants.

My money. I kept my money in my wallet in my pants.


Hey, you just sold me an UnReal World card, thanks :D


Cool. I earned 43 cents total from about 40 sales!


June 25th in 2019 apparently…

I like these old traditions. It’s like Thanksgiving.


Also in keeping with the summer sale tradition, I’ve only played half the games I bought from the previous sale!


I was so successful in last year’s sale, I don’t know if there’s anything I want from this year’s sale!


Yeah, there is very little I am interested in each year. Mostly it might be a deeply discounted game on my wishlist, or the super rare, unknown game that everyone on the forum starts talking about. Currently, all the games I am really interested in have not been released yet, or were total duds, like Rage 2.


I don’t think Rage 2 is a dud… Everyone says it has great combat in a kind of pointless world.


Not to get into a discussion about it, but I thought the big complaint is that while the gun play is really good, that while the game is technically an open world, that there is very little content to be had and it is effectively a linear trail that you follow. The general consensus seemed to be, wait for the GOTY edition and hopefully the DLC will fill in the missing content. Also the steam reviews seem to be pretty bad.