STEAM - Summer Sale 2019

And the date has leaked just like it does every year. The sale starts June 25, 2019 at 10AM PST, and it will go on for 14 days bringing glorious deals to the gaming masses. :)

With all the recent awesome game releases and the plethora of E3 announcements my wish list has swelled to over 400 games. What is everyone hoping to pick up?

This is also a good time to look back at what you bought during the last summer sale and still haven’t played.

Will the deals be glorious? The last several sales have been pretty lackluster, compared to the days of yore…

Yeah, another dampish squib seems likely, unless they have some bold idea to mix things up. I predict the Steam Subscription :)

With all the deals and subscriptions and whatnot I’ll spend more time figuring out if I already own a particular game somewhere than buying or playing it.

Which is why I tend to pass on all that stuff, I’d rather just pay for the thing I actually want to play and know I can play it. The whole point of buying games is to support developers of games I like anyway, after all.

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I need someone to tell me what RPG to buy


lookin for a juicy RPG story to get lost in…any other than these 3 is welcomed

Tryanny. Does more with the classic format that anything else I’ve played of late.

Of those three I prefer pathfinder. Especially now with the rogue-like dungeon expansion. Granted Pathfinder is kicking my ass at the moment but I got into it more easily than I did the others. But all are very good imo

I started playing PathFinder again, and they’ve made a lot of improvements since release. However, I did run into a game breaking bug in Chapter 4, e.g. 40 hours in, and I don’t think I’ll be able to continue my play through unless I revert to a save from 20 hours earlier. I think Pathfinder will be really good in another year, once they’ve ironed out all the game breaking bugs.

If it counts for anything, the only one I finished was PoE 2. I’m very interested in going back and trying turn based mode. The other 2 each have their pluses and aren’t bad, they just wore out their welcome.

What did I do? I’m pro buying too much crap! :)

At a minimum I expect I’ll end up with a fairly substantial pile of DLC as well as Conan Unconquered.

If I do buy anything, it’ll likely be DLC, like for Euro Truck Sim or Tank Battles. I already pre-ordered AoW Planetfall so I’m good, mostly.

I reckon DOS2, really appreciate the jump from 2D iso perspective to a rotatable 3D environment. Then the game has a more modern sensibility in its humour and playstyle.

If you want a more traditional Baldurs Gate like experience, then go for POE2.

The story in DOS2 is pretty weak, IMO, and the combat changes from the first game make fights drag out and eliminate a lot of the interesting effects and combinations from the first game.

POE2 has the merit of pretty good writing alongside a legitimate choice between RTWP and turn based combat. Of the three, it’s probably what I’d get first.

I don’t have Pathfinder yet, so can’t speak to it, though I’m very interested. It just got a substantial update, apparently.


Tyranny is terrific, and I second this recommendation!

Just as a counterpoint…
While the world was different that the usual RPG stuff my 2 main complaints are:

  1. I found the enemies pretty dull and repetitive feeling.
  2. I didn’t enjoy being forced to make some ‘evil/bad’ choices. There are definitive opportunities to take less bad choices and play it as good as you can, but in many places I wished I could have other choices available.

Agreed on point 1, but then combat in these sort of these games tends to be grim. Pillars of Eternity blob combat makes me very sad indeed. Luckily Tyranny tells an excellent story in under 30 hours and you don’t have to read pages and pages of dull lore either.

I played through all those intro choices and was enjoying it, then was dropped into a couple of clunky fights and uninstalled. Thanks, subscription services!