STEAM - Summer Sale 2019

Sadly it didn’t.

I want to buy Mutant Year Zero but spent all my money on Battletech already.


I don’t know if you have Xbox One Gamepass, but Mutant Year Zero is included there if you want to give it a shot.

The entire grand Prix is lopsided. Lots of corgi/dog owners I guess. Steam doesn’t bother to balance it up at all.

I’m in Team Haram that has no winning chance at all. But who cares, anyone who enjoys haram food should join our team.

One time only.

My non-reedemed games were worth 1/2 those points a couple hours ago, and now 1/5th of what I posted. I don’t think it’s worth the time to try understanding it more. ~~ Go team turtle!

People seem to love corgwn on the internet. Needed a cat team for real competition

from team badger stats

To put this into what I think they’re going for:

  1. Buying games increases “gas tank” capacity 1 (everyone gets a base of 100 though).
  2. Using a game’s achievements fills up the “gas tank” - however, each game can only be used once, thus excess achievement points larger than the gas tank capacity are wasted
  3. Gas tank is used to push your team car around, and enters you into the drawing / gives you points to spend on misc junk.

1 Apparently bought capacity is not permanent and also gets used when spent in #3

I bought a game today (well, DLC, technically, Williams Pinball Vol 1 for Pinball FX3), and it didn’t increase my tank capacity, and over half of my tank would have been wasted had I used it, so I didn’t use it.

Such a weird metagame.

Yeah it seems to be buggier than the usual events too.

These are the titles I’m pondering. I will be getting Railroad Empire ($17, normally $50) and want to get one or two more. Yay or nay on any of these? [Unfortunately many are still early access, which I generally avoid but I’m willing to take the plunge on a promising title.]

Edit: Quoting to prevent the URLs from resolving.

I’m thinking of The Long Dark for $7.50. Is it good? Long? Dark?



I think Long Dark is a great game and highly enjoyable if you enjoy survival sims. You should get several hours of enjoyment from it even if you just want to full around on it. It’s a huge map so will take a long time for you to become an expert. It is one of my favorite games, but can become repetitive once you know the maps etc.

Nomads of the Fallen Star is a fantastic choice.

On the topic of the race game

According to GamingOnLinux

As an unintentional side effect of Valve’s latest sales event, the Steam Grand Prix, it seems a lot of users have begun cleaning out their Steam Wishlists.

Why? Well, it gives you the chance to win an item from your Steam Wishlist but only from the top three slots, it’s not random. Valve’s rules are pretty clear on how it all works but it still seems to have caused a lot of wishlist deletions. Removing games doesn’t actually improve your chances, but likely will affect your future purchases of games you’re no longer following as a result of it.

I sort my list by how shitty the game is reviewing, so my top 3 slots are dogshit. Time to re-sort.

I’ve honestly never ranked my wishlist before now… what is the point? Is it only for the benefit of people who might want to buy you games? I just add new games to my list then forget about it, then if I go look at it, I typically “sort by discount” to see which ones might have a deal on.

That said, I’ve ranked it somewhat now just for this meta event, though I’m not expecting to win anything, since winners are limited and random and I joined the team that EVERYONE ELSE joined, decreasing my odds.

Yeah, I think my top Wishlist choices are really poor, like Distant Worlds or something.

I’ve only just begun Tower of Time and after the first battle it seems good.

I am considering Strange Brigade to play multiplayer with one friend. Is it good for this? Do you need more? Is the game just meh?

Any thoughts on Endless Legends vs. Gladius?

Yeah, the wishlist deletion thing is happening, and a lot of devs are pretty unhappy. We’re talking millions of deletions across all Steam users, and many\most of those games will never see the corresponding re-add. Of course, you get emails whenever a wishlist game is on sale, so that soft promotion is now gone as well.

People are pretty upset at Valve for not thinking this one through.