STEAM - Summer Sale 2019

The games I really want are not released yet. And when they are it will be on Epic. I may pick up something really discounted. Otherwise I’ll save my money.

Hmm, not sure if I have anything on my mind for a pickup. Shall see

I want a deep discount on battletech season pass.

Ooooh, I think I have Battletech via Steam so any DLC discounts for it are in my sights.

I’m gonna get Phoenix Point.

Dragon Quest 11 :P

You probably know this but Game Pass…

Well, I just dropped full price on Plague Tale, so I’m going to hope I don’t regret that too much.

Sorry, it was a bad joke on my part (regarding Phoenix Point - I want it, but not on Epic). But I can’t get Game Pass - I don’t have an Xbox, and I’m not sure it’s worth paying $60 for the year for the subscription.

But I sincerely appreciate you reminding me! :)

Refund it, the sale is days away, and it’s gonna be at least 25% off.

By the time it’s out, PC Game Pass will probably be $10 for a month so you can try it before the Steam release :) They seem to do $1 offers fairly often too…

A reminder that the Steam sale is often followed up by a humble bundle. Look out for unusually cheap Indie games trying to extract a few dollars before the bundle!

Yep and the July Humble Monthly drops on 7/5/19 , so its best to really not buy anything until then. :)

I am just gonna fill my Steam Cart and pretend to buy stuff for awhile.

Check your month there, LK.

Oh I did… and updated it to JULY.

Humble doesn’t understand how month’s work. :(

So the July bundle dropped two weeks ago? And we should avoid buying Steam games until… uh… two weeks ago?

Though I totally take your point on Monthly labels.

I just realized the number 6 is the month of JUNE! Thanks for noticing the mistake and then after I thought I fixed it , nudging me again. :P

On topic! I am hoping for decent deals on:
MarZ: Tactical Base Defense
Two Point Hospital DLC
The Colonists
Return of the Obra Dinn

Yeah I’m hoping for a good discount on this and that alien archeology game that came out recently.

That was as much me checking my own sanity as anything, but glad to help. :)

The 7th of May? How odd.