Steam Summer Sale 2020

It’s time. Post your damage here.

It’s interesting to me that it’s 1:03 PM and I can actually get the front page to load. I don’t know whether that’s an indicator that they’ve updated their infrastructure, or an indicator that these things don’t pull anything like the crowd they used to in the opening moments.

Front page loaded for me, but could not log into my account.

My backlog finally caught up to Battletech a few weeks ago, and I loved it enough that I’m actually considering the DLC now that it’s a reasonable price. ($24.99 for the three of them, with most complaints being about the amount of the content for the $20-each MSRP rather than the quality.)

Nothing else jumps to mind right now, but I’ll spend some time with my wish list tonight and I’m sure I’ll find something.

Got kicked out of my account why looking through my queue.

Cyberpunk was having an event so it distracted people.

Pretty sure the only thing I’m gonna get is Deep Rock Galactic, although it’s only 25% off and not the 50% off it was a handful of months ago, before I got interested in it.


No real desire to buy anything until I get a new 3xxx videocard.

Burnout Paradise Remastered: £4.49 on Steam, £44.99 on Switch.

Wait, what? Today? Oh god.

More blood for the blood god.

Nothing on my wishlist is jumping out as an amazing deep discount or a historical low. I’ll probably grab a few small titles and maybe Half Life: Alyx (25% off) still. Though if I don’t between the ever growing backlog and Game Pass it doesn’t feel like I’ll be missing out.

Rimworld is on sale for 10% off

GOOD GOD, I swore the developer said he would never ever have this on sale

Was about to comment on that. I’ve had it on my wishlist for ages and it’s never once been on sale.

Oh wow, so my points from the last sale carried over to this one? That’s kind of cool.

Oh, interesting, they are doing a thing where you get $5 off a purchase of $30 or more, one time only. Maybe it’s time to finally pick up ZeroRanger, which is also on sale…

Seem to be quite a few recent VR games on moderate discount, including The Room and The Walking Dead.

Of note - the point shop is now a permanent Steam feature.

e: For me, it would be more compelling if they added an infinitely redeemable coupon, say $5 off your next purchase for 5,000 points. There’s a couple cosmetics I’ll pick up and after that I’ll likely ignore it.

Mine, either. Mostly 25% off.

New historical low y’all. BUY IT YOU FUCKS.


My wishlist doesn’t load… -_-;

I’ll wait a couple hours later to check again.

@BrianRubin, i think i will buy Bloody Rally Show. Gameplay looks very interesting!