Steam Summer Sale 2020

I can understand not enjoying it, but not seeing it as a game? It’s basically not that far off from any RPG. Talk to people, buy stuff you need, do work (substitute growing and feeding plants and chopping down trees, etc, for killing monsters) for money, rest, buy more stuff. Oh, and Stardew Valley has monsters to kill too, so it’s clearly a superior RPG.

ADDENDUM: And the reason it’s so beloved is because every element is made to a high quality bar and the elements all blend in just about the perfect mixture. It excels at what a lot of games (including many RPGs) have a hard time getting just right: Pacing and rhythm.

ANOTHER ADDENDUM: And I’m not even a super-fan, just a guy who appreciated the game.

Welp, after a lot of research, discussion and sleeping on it, I have my final list:

  • Dying Light: Hellraid - I’ll pretty much buy anything Dying Light at this point.
  • Reassembly Fields Expansion - Been meaning to get this one for ages now, and it was super cheap.
  • Kingdom Under Fire: Heroes - Really been enjoying the Crusades a lot so when this hit Steam, I jumped on it.
  • Astroneer - My usual co-op partner just gushes over this one, so it was time.
  • Earth Defense Force 5 - LOVED the co-op of EDF4, and was told this was even better, so I jumped on it now that it was at its historic low.
  • Survivalist: Invisible Strain - Another co-op game to stream down the line.
  • Constructor Plus - LOVED the original Constructor, and this hit its historic low.
  • Signal Simulator - One of my very helpful community members begged me to try this one.
  • Project 5 Sightseer - A vehicle-based survival game that hit a new historic low and apparently is fun in single player.
  • ADOM - This also hit its historical low, so I’m super excited to finally play it.

Overall I’ve got a lot of new stuff to chew on for future streams. Very excited!

I’ve played the last two and kinda wish I had the first instead.

Wow, I didn’t even know that was a thing! Awesome!

This is like the first time I haven’t bought anything in one of these sales. I think I’m just too bummed with everything I’ve ever played, and the things I would buy aren’t on sale and I can wait.

Some of this is just dissatisfaction with my two main genres, one I lost heavy interest in, and the other because the social aspect is gone and likely now won’t ever come back.

Yeah it seems some sort of medieval arena thing. I am all in.

Oh, I’m definitely getting Hellraid at some point.* Someone please tell me it’s not multiplayer-only.

*It looks like “Dying Light does DOOM.”


For games that I purchase as gifts, can I redeem it for myself?

I’ve played the first 2.
TF2 is a decent game, but you have to really want to play this type of game. You basically lay down roads/train tracks, ports, stations, etc to facilitate transport of good from 1 place to another. That’s the gist of it all. You don’t build towns, or any other infrastructure. You purchase appropriate vehicles for the time period you’re currently playing (in the campaign you start out in the gold rush era using horse drawn transport buggies). You set routes, and then meet the goals of the scenario. There’s usually 3 weird sub quests per level that have you play “find the right pixel to click on” but these are just fluff and add nothing to the campaign.

Stardew Valley is another game you have to be in the mood to play. Now, for my first playthrough, I totally dug it. I enjoyed the farming aspect, and especially growing my farm bigger and bigger as my funds increased. There’s a bit of a dating sim in that you bring gifts to people, and their affection towards you grows. You can eventually marry one of the other NPCs (certain ones only). Then there’s the mineral cave where you fight off baddies while mining rocks with a pick. There is a bit of a progression here too.

Then thing about Stardew Valley where I differ from more hardcore fans, is that I can’t get myself to want to playthrough it again. The ending I had in my first game made me want to, but then after starting, I ran out of steam for the game play loop, and especially the NPC interactions.

My preference of these 2 would be on Stardew Valley since I did finish it. I think I bailed out of TF2 mid-way through the campaign.

10% off is a historical low?

First purchase:
SpellForce 3: Soul Harvest - $11.55

Project Hospital - $13.86

Stranded Sails - Explorers of the Cursed Islands - $15.02

Monster Train - $20.78

Subtotal $99.96
Discount -$33.75 (-33%)
-$5.00 Your $5.00 discount was applied to this purchase
Total $61.21

Round 2:
Wayward - $5.99

Feel The Snow - $4.04

Resident Evil / biohazard HD REMASTER - $4.99

Don’t Escape: 4 Days to Survive - $7.49

Constructor Plus - $7.99

Forager - $13.39

Dungeon Of Dragon Knight - $6.29

Subtotal $103.93
Discount -$53.75 (-51%)
Total $50.18

Total $111.39. I think I’m done with this sale. Maybe.

Transport Fever 2 is fiendishly addictive, and my favourite logistics-em-up in a long time, but it does have a lot of annoying UI and design choices. Some have been fixed in patches, but by no means all.

Yarp. Sadly I’m having trouble even getting the thing to run for some reason.

Got it working, so far kind of awesome!

To my knowledge it’s literally never been on sale before.

I have sooo much in my backlog,and so games down the road that I know I want - AC: Ragnarok, Wasteland 3, Phoenix Point and Outer Worlds (when they come to Steam), and Cyberpunk 2070, that unless a game has a huge discount (at least 50%), I’m just not feeling it. Those right there will keep me busy through the end of the year and longer. And even some at 50% (looking at you Fallout 76), I’m still not feeling it. I’m tempted by some, but given my backlog, I know they will still be there 6 months or a year from now, and maybe will be even cheaper. There’s just no rush or compulsion.

And as a side note, can someone tell me what I am supposed to do with these “stickers” I get from the Summer sale activities? How/where do I use them?

And on another side, note, I wish we could use Steam “points” for game discounts. The stuff they offer in their “shop” are just worthless to me. More stickers? Portrait frames? Backgrounds?

You probably know this but Wasteland, Phoenix and Outer Worlds are also all Gamepass titles… Just sayin :)

Ragnarok was sadly renamed the less cool Valhalla.

I kickstarted/Figged Phoenix Point and Wasteland 3 and I don’t really care about Gamepass.

I knew the title for the next AC was wrong but couldn’t remember it so I just went with it :)

I don’t know about what the stickers do or where to put them, but I bought (with points) and put a neon portrait frame around my Steam Avatar.

In general I don’t bother with a lot of the weird Steam Summer/Winter sale metagames. I’ve got enough games to play/shows to watch etc. (not to mention enough real-life obligations) that it seems pretty silly to waste time on them.

ADOM has been on sale many times, but always just 10% off.

Fair enough, I’ve missed the previous instances. I know when it first launched on Steam there was a big deal made about not having sale prices (at least I think that was ADOM, though now you’ve got me doubting myself :)).