Steam Summer Sale 2020

Well for example the left island:


To start with, you can deduce that the two tiles on the left and right must contain mines:
because there can only be two mines around the centre tile, so the left and right 2s must each contribute one apiece to that, otherwise you end up with a contradiction. Knowing that, you can reveal the two above the centre, as we know neither mine can be up there.
Which reveals two 4s, so we can fill in the unknown tiles around these as containing mines, and finally we now know the two bottom unrevealed tiles must be empty.

Yeah that exact one had me baffled for a little bit, thinking ‘no guesswork? lies!’ until I went back and gave it another go and the logic clicked.

I think I’m missing some piece of logic. 1 of each color allowed. Nothing around the borders. If you use the pen to map out what would happen if the lower right pink squared was a mine, then it looks like everything should work out, but that’s not actually the correct solution.

I’m at a loss how I’m supposed to know what’s next.


I think my problem is I’m not getting (and therefor not using) the pen.

I’ve not got to this level yet, but I think there are multiple ways you could map out mines in this one consistent with the information there, so what you’re looking for is something which causes a contradiction, so you’re certain of the next move. For instance, if you assume the leftmost orange block is a mine, that leads to both pink blocks being empty, so you know that orange block must be empty. Hopefully revealing that one will give you more to go on.

Btw sorry everyone for derailing the thread a bit. If it helps, I’ve bought quite a few Steam games in the sale, including Desparados 3 (via CDkeys), Sunless Skies, and Cloudpunk, but nothing has so far gotten a look in apart from Tametsi and Bloody Rally Show.

Ah, good call. I was looking for positives, but I need to look for negatives. That might unstick me on another one or two.

Oh, uh… :shame: Back to your regularly scheduled show.

I still think this at least once per level, which is a testament to the variety (& difficulty) of puzzles the developer has come up with. But always, if you stare at it for long enough (or take a break and come back) the next move to make will be revealed.

Btw this is my favourite screenshot I’ve seen posted to Steam, sums it up well:


You have to start with what you know. Each one of those islands you can look at and determine without guessing what certain hexes must be. For example, the island on the left: there are two that must be clear. On the bottom: two that must be mines. On the right, three that must be clear

I have three people that want to get Tabletop Simulator, anybody want to fill out a 4-pack? $7.50, you can paypal me. PM if interested!

I appreciate the Temetsi comments about guesswork. I finished over 30 levels, then quit because I was absolutely convinced guessing was required in some cases. I suspect that it’s possible to trap yourself by making incorrect moves which lead to “must guess” situations, but I don’t plan to revisit to test that. I had fun with it for a while anyway.

Thanks for all the Tametsi talk in this thread because I bought it and played the first 11 puzzles. Also glad it was made clear that there is no guessing needed because it caused me to really evaluate the puzzles until I didn’t need to guess.

Here is my haul so far. The big question is do I pick up Transport Fever 2. I want to play some American Truck / Euro Truck Simulator before I pick up any DLC.

Once again I held off on some that I’ve repeatedly considered buying, like Wildermyth, Star Traders Frontiers. Also, I forgot Circle Empires was in my cart and bought that before I fully decided to get that instead of Circle Empires Rivals while it is on sale from Indigala.

Both Wildermyth and Star traders Frontiers are EXCELLENT games, and well worth their time and dime spent on them :-)

No doubt :-)
I had to cut something. The main reason I cut Wildermyth is that it still is in EA. I fully expect to get it at some point. Even if it is in a good state already, I wouldn’t fully dive in until it’s done anyways.

Makes perfect sense! It will be well worth the wait, I am certain, and just more fun , the longer we wait!

Is wildermyth worth it, at this moment in EA? I’d say something like Hades is a good example of an EA product thats worth it in its current state, for reference.

On sale, I’d say so. I think I got it for 35-50% off, but could be wrong. It’s currently 20% and just above what I would consider ‘throw away’ price range. But it’s got good bones and enough muscle to warrant playing now. Unless you want to just power thru making it your primary game for a couple of weeks. In that case, I’d say there is not enough there. But again, the price isn’t too high regardless of your playstyle.

There is a lot of game there already - I enjoyed it immensely. But there is still quite a few systems that aren’t fully developed, or even there yet, so it kinda depends on how you feel about games not baked yet :-)

I bought it, but try to avoid playing it!

I’m not the type to milk a game a for all its worth. So based on that I think I can go ahead and get it >:) Thanks!

I need to search tonight for a game or DLC that is on sale for around $1 as I have $29.06 worth of stuff in my cart. =)