Steam Summer Sale 2020

If I were to pick one game out of this explorer’s bundle, can anyone advise which it should be?

I understand they are all pretty similar, and I’m not sure I need three. I guess it’s out of two, because I’d be inclined to favour Runefall 2 over Runefall.

So Runefall 2, or Spelunking?

I have been enjoying my time with Gloomhaven so far. The combat is very well done (never played the cardboard version and I was curious listening to all the raving about the game). It seems to go on sale fairly often; I would think picking it up another time will be easy enough at a lower price.

My final tally:

I am loving this, thank you. It takes Minesweeper to the perfect heights.

You guys made me buy this now don’t tell me you’re going to freaking make me install it and play it!

Just added to my cart too.

Oh, you jerk! (In the nicest way possible.) I bought this, because I love good games like this. This one is excellent, and I can’t stop playing it. Must take a break!

So good… want to play more…

Ha! Glad people are enjoying it, all the levels so far seem really well / deviously designed (though I couldn’t begin to guess how you would go about designing them in the first place). I’m not that far in, but one level - 20 I think, the Comb - I found particularly brutal, but immensely satisfying to complete.

I did the tutorial and finished the first era of the tech tree. First impression are it’s a good game, a solid 7 maybe even an 8. It does a good job of simulationg living like a early extended family tribes.

The tutorial emphasis how to automate the game so you aren’t constantly micromanaging. In fact the game somewhat discourages micromanagement. The graphics are lovely, and the music and pacing are all low key and almost calming. The game has nice chill atomosphere only really changed when a mountain lion or bear attacks one of your family.

Issue: The tutorial doesn’t cover a lot (watch out for morale it is a killer). I find myself constantly fighting the interface I just haven’t really groked it yet. I’m spoiled after Soren Johnson Old World great tool tip. I find the help system in Dawn to be vey primitive. (Sorry couldn’t resist)

You got me, too. Bastard.

@krayzkrok, how was Sublevel Zero Redux again? I can’t remember if you recommended it or warned me away.

It’s very good. It’s not as good as Overload, but before Overload it was easily the best Descent-like out there. The structure is roguelite though, so you get a randomly-designed level and a typical roguelite structure to play through, but I thought it worked well. The core flying / shooting experience is sound.

I have not been back to it since Overload though, that might have ruined it for any other contenders. :)

I think I’d play all these games. But on the other hand, maybe I need to be talked out of it (by myself, not you guys). Hmmm.

And me as well. Also picked up squarecells and crosscells (have the hexcells series on iOS).

House of the Dying Sun is super short, linear and ultimately disappointing.

Yeah. Why won’t anyone make a space sim with a narratively driven campaign like Wing Commander, T/F, and Freespace? It’s what so many of us desperately want.

There are some, like Hypergate and Eterium, but what you should do is get Freespace 2 with all its mods. Stuff like Blue Planet and Between the Ashes are totally worth it.


Damnit, Steam forgot what was in my cart again. I hate it when it does that. I guess that’s Steam telling me I really don’t need any more games.

It does reset after about a week I think.

It can be recovered. I’ll spoiler it though

Help -> Steam Support -> My Account -> Data Related to Your Steam Account -> Shopping Cart History.

Unfortunately, you do need to add every item back to your cart again. What I typically do is just middle mouse button click on the title and add to cart from there.