Steam Summer Sale 2020

Yay! It’s so wonderful! I can’t stop playing it just a little bit every day, even over 40 hours in, which is a lot for an ADHD gamer such as myself.

Agree its a great coffee break / compile time game.

OMG right? I can play it for three minutes (one track) or three hours (part of a campaign). SO GREAT.

Think I might grab DOOM Eternal and nothing else this time around. I’ve recently bought a lot more games than I have in years and suddenly have a real backlog again.

(I mean I also have a decades long backlog of hundreds of games I’ve never played, but ignore that cuz there’s like five shiny new ones)

For myself, I’m likely getting Outward and Earth Defense Force 5 for the co-op. Maaayyybe Red Dead Redemption 2.

I have something like $45 in Steam credit but I am holding out for Elden Ring. Maybe this fall?

I have enough games to make it until then. Is it possible to have enough games?

Sid Meier’s Starships finally dropped below 50%. Tom said it wasn’t as bad as everyone else said, and I agreed with his take on Deus Ex, so…!

Got Strange Brigade because it’s such a deep discount and PULP!

My splurge was The Colonists, which I’ve had my eye on for a long while.

And then an inexpensive hand-drawn adventure game Apocalipsis and Everything is Mayo for a few cents! Apparently in it everything is mayo, guys!

Dude. Dude. Dude. Get something like Star Traders: Frontiers or 3030 Deathwar or Drox Operative or nearly ANYTHING ELSE.

It is possible. I have enough AAA games that if I played nothing but triple-A games for the rest of my life, I still wouldn’t get through them all.

Well. Assuming I stay employed and married and a parent, obviously.

Same here, which I’m taking as a good thing ;-)

My wishlist doesn’t load either, which I’m taking as a sign from the Video Game Gods saying, “Move along, nothing to see here…”

Wow my list loads just fine, even with 2,500 items on it.

Too late!

I already have 3030 Deathwar. It’s on the docket to try again, but from what I recall of the first time I tried it, it just did not want to help me learn how to enjoy it. If you have any starting tips, I’d love to hear them.

Star Traders is on my wishlist, so maybe if Starships is a total bomb my penance will be buying Star Traders.

I don’t think I liked Din’s Curse enough to try Drox Operative. I know that might make me broken.

I have a lot of experience finding the joy in Sid’s minor games… But we’ll see if Starships is truly a dud.

Nice. That’s been on my wishlist forever as well.

OMG guys, there are better ways to spend your money and time than Starships.

Ya’ll trying to make Brian cry?

My haul this sale was Kenshi, Cloudpunk and Red Faction Guerrilla Re-whatevered.

Maybe you just have to be a real space-game aficionado to appreciate Starships, Brian. It’s okay. Not every genre is for everyone.

Hey, I’ve never heard of Sid Meier’s Starships! I’ma buy it too.

Guys. GUYS. Guuuuyyyssss.

I got $100 for VR games to try with my new PC Oculus link setup…limiting myself so I don’t go crazy…I assume you can refund VR games like you can regular PC games through Steam after trying them out?