Steam Summer Sale 2020

I’m pretty sure you’re right. The list above is the entirety of my '07 purchases. In '08 I have a small handful as well. In '09 my Steam purchases explode. Sales are the only reason I can think of that would have happened, especially considering that I was very resistant to giving up physical media.

Yep. The sales are what made people get engaged. Valve never forgot that lesson, and Epic learned from it too.

Basically everyone seems to have learned that lesson, it just took some longer than others.

To some extent. You don’t see frequent giant sales from other studio-owned storefronts like Origin and Ubi Play like Steam. Humble does, but they never really competed.

I didn’t get Steam till 2009, and it was a slow start of just The Orange Box, but by year’s end, I had a good ten titles, and looking at purchase history, most were via discounts.

Looks like the first Winter Sale was 2007:

The studio owned storefronts have (until now) largely relied on (quasi)exclusivity. It will be interesting to see if EA start to do big sales now that they’re changing tack.

Agree about Origin, but Uplay has been holding parallel sales with Steam that have been substantial and store-wide for the last couple of years. For example:

Now, they haven’t been advertising them very well, from what I’ve seen.

So have Origin I think - it’s just that no-one cares :)

I’ll admit it’s been a long time since I looked at Origin, so I couldn’t say. :)

Since rebuilding my system back in December, I haven’t even gotten around to reinstalling it…

Yeah, you never hear about them. Probably because they largely but not entirely only carry their own titles.

Origin definitely has sales, and very good ones too, but on EA properties mostly of course.


Like the games in our backlogs…

It’s odd. When I check my purchase history in the Steam client, it starts with Medieval II: Total War collection in 2007-12-29. Which matches the email I have. However, I bought Sam & Max Season 1 before that on 2007-11-10, Civilization IV Collection on 2007-09-30 and the first one, the Orange Box on 2007-09-25. None of them appear in my purchase history.

2007: 4 games
2008: 5 games
2009: 5 games
2010: 12 games
2011: 23 games
2012: 19 games
2013: 22 games
2014: 30 games
2015: 28 games
2016: 33 games
2017: 53 games
2018: 32 games
2019: 28 games

I’d say it’s correct that prior to 2010 their lineup was weak. Also, with exception of 2017, my purchase speed is quite stable. Though I imagine that is because I overwhelmingly buy during the summer and winter sales.

I think purchase history just includes games bought directly from the steam store. The licenses and product key activations is more comprehensive, as it includes retail keys from, like, those boxes from the olden days with the key codes inside them.That’s where my Orange Box is listed. My first activation is Half-life 2 way back in 2004, but my first purchase directly from steam was: Two Worlds for $19.95 in December of 2007. An inauspicious beginning.

I just checked, and I’m pretty sure I bought games directly from Steam before then, too. Funny that they just don’t seem to have purchase records from back then around anymore.

According to Steam on Christmas Eve of 2009 I purchased Torchlight. This is the earliest entry for both purchases and key activations. What is odd is that I could swear I had to activate retail box copies of my Half-Life games prior to December 2009, and I kind of recall activating other old retail box games through Steam as well. Perhaps those activations were on a different Valve service that pre-dated Steam though.

Anyway, it was fun to look back and see my first couple of dozen Steam games. I’m proud to say I played each and every one of them from December 2009 through July, 2011, at which time I purchased Drakensang and Drakensang : River of Time, neither of which I have played to date. They are my very first Steam backlog games!

Skip the first one and get moving on River of Time!

I was never into FPS, so HalfLIfe and it’s offshoots had (and have) no appeal to me.

Oddly, I didn’t buy my first Steam game from Steam. I purchased Napoleon:Total War at Gamestop, but even though it came with a CD, when I went to install it it downloaded the game from the Steam client. Google says it would have been Feb '10 but I’m pretty sure it was earlier than that, so it may have been Empire.

Whichever it was, it occured to me that if I had to wait for a game to download anyway, I might as well go ahead and purchase it on line.

Ah yes, that’s it. And I did buy Half-Life 2 in 2004 like everyone else. It’s listed as complimentary.

However, Civ IV and Sam & Max are also listed as Complimentary so assume they had some sort of codebase change in late 2007.

According to Steam’s keys and such it says my first activation was Half Life Platinum Pack on 8/23/2004. I know that I had it before then and was activating keys for various HL games (Opposing Force, etc) but it doesn’t seem to track that.

Is there an easy way to count how many games bought per year?