Steam Summer Sale 2021

As every year, I don’t understand what people are talking about. I must be very thick, because it’s been the same every year since Steam decided to do “stuff” during the sales!

It’s just a choose your own adventure story where you get a sticker based on your choices. Nothing fancy but it was a good way to give you games recommendations.

The banner is small though.


‘14 All New FORCE YOUR FATE stories!’

New all time low price:

I clicked that, then one of the catefories, but it just displays a store page for me.

Oh figured it! Each page got its own story label like the one you posted, but even smaller!
Wow, sneaky.

Way of the Samurai games are back, but still limited to English version.

Looks like you can get the whole Master of Magic bundle for just under 6 dollars.

I wonder if it’s all worth it.

These choose your own adventure stories are super funny and well written. I regret I can’t see all the outcomes.

What I laughed the hardest at, so far:

Me too!

I am tempted to get the U-boat game. It also runs on Geforce Now so I don’t have to mess with Crossover on my Mac.

Or Command, Modern Ops. This one looks complicated.

Not surprising.

I’m the paranormal professor.

Screen Shot 1

Sounds exactly like the degree I graduated irl.

Well, I added some to my cart. Now I can stare at it and wonder if it’s worth it if I can’t actually get to it any of it yet.

Oh hey, I noticed something, the Don’t Starve Together Starter Pack is for Don’t Starve Together, not for Don’t Starve, so I’d never actually play it. (It features a new character you can play as). So I’d better remove that.

Lots of space in there!

The Oil Blue is :smack smooch yum gesture:

I think I got Oil Blue from @Nightgaunt’s Top 100 Games list IIRC. Most of the rest of it is from @BrianRubin recommendations.

The writing for the stories has been really great. So low-key but better than the other hoop-jumping from previous Steam sales.

It’s so much better than the sum of its parts - which could be David Galindo’s motto, he is a gaming creation genius, and a natural.

Sounds like your bonus metagame “Backlog Surprise” is in your cart? We should have Steam send us regular notifications of games we have 0.0 hours in after purchase!

How can he not have 0.0 hours if he hasn’t purchased it Oo

Oh I’m pretty sure this isn’t his first rodeo! I have enough unplayed games to open a ranch. Otherwise let me be the cautionary tale!

Some EXCEPTIONAL choices there, sir.